List Of The Top Zoho Meeting Alternatives, Competitors, and Similar Platforms

Zoho Meeting Alternatives

In the past few years, we have witnessed a paradigm shift from in-person meetings to online meetings. Because of several advantages, most companies and businesses are planning to continue with their remote method of communication and collaboration with their teams. Amidst the pandemic, online platforms have already emerged as a boon for companies who were looking for remote collaboration with their teams. Zoho Meeting is one such online platform that caters to the online communication needs of businesses, companies, and individuals. 

Along with Zoho Meeting, we have also seen other remarkable software in the market which provide services for online conferences and webinars. In this blog, we will introduce those online platforms that you can use instead of using Zoho Meeting again. So Let’s start our blog. 


Mixhubb is one of the leading online platforms that offer you a user-friendly setup for hosting online conferences and webinars. Mixhubb is also known as a one-stop solution for all types of virtual events. It is a browser-based platform, enabling attendees and organizers to access this platform from their browser. Being a customizable platform, it 

enables users to customize the events and virtual spaces according to their needs. It offers you customized registration pages to enhance the registration rate. Mixhubb is a scalable platform that enables organizers to host events of any size. It also provides 100% branding opportunities to the organizers, enabling them to monetize their webinars and online events. 

Mixhubb offers multiple engagement features like screen sharing, chats, polls, Q&A, networking tables, group chats, HD video, crystal clear audio calls, etc. It’s one of the top-notch features of AI Matchmaking and enables users of similar interests to interact and collaborate. Also, it provides closed captioning for your sessions using Interprefy, Sync Word, and Google Translate. 

Its powerful data analytics feature enables organizers to analyze the success of the event. Other notable features of Mixhubb include screen sharing, branded networking tables, handouts, public and private chats, etc.

Moreover, Mixhubb is the one of the most affordable platforms that comes with a free trial.


It is another most used web-based platform. ClickMeeting enables users to host virtual events of all types. Due to its scalability, you can host online meetings, webinars, and virtual events of all sizes on this web-based platform. Using its breakout room feature users can create up to 20 virtual spaces, and in one virtual room attendees can meet with up to 40 attendees where they can see, hear and talk with each other.

It comes with multiple features for hosting webinars for training, product demos, and sales events, all in one place.

 ClickMeeting offers other features like a virtual whiteboard, analytics, call to action, screen sharing, chats, polls, and surveys. ClickMeeting also provides a waiting room for attendees and presenters where they can get information about the agenda of the webinar. Moreover, It integrates with different social media platforms enabling attendees to stream their videos on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Additional features of this online platform include screen sharing, unlimited landing pages, calls to action, chats, polls, surveys, and many more. 


GoToMeeting is another comprehensive platform used for hosting personalized life-like online conferences and webinars. It provides a user-friendly setup, where you can easily host your video conferences and meetings in some clicks only. It allows users to invite up to 250 attendees to the conference. Being a multi-device compatible web-based platform, it enables users to access it from desktops, pc, and mobile devices.

Along with its multi-device compatibility, it is also a multi-browser-compatible platform, enabling users to join webinars directly from their browser without downloading any extra software. Other notable features of GoToMeeting include unlimited recording, meeting drawing tools, a commuter mode for mobile meetings, and presenter control. It also enables organizers to control and manage the complete webinar. Also, users can customize their virtual background image according to them and work from anywhere in the world.


On this online platform, users can host exceptional webinars, virtual conferences, and virtual events. On24 is known for marketing and sales-driven webinars because of its integration with several marketing tools like HubSpot CRM, Marketo, and Salesforce. It also allows users to customize their webinars according to their requirements. On24 provides multiple engagement features such as voting, live chats, screen sharing, polls & surveys to keep attendees engaged. 

On24 enables users to connect dynamically with the audience through an inbuilt library of On24 Conversion and Engagement tool that facilitates engagement of audiences, and also encourages attendees to participate in the live discussions. Additional features of On24 include branding, recording, event analytics, social media integration, content management, ROI reporting, etc.

Dialpad Meeting:

it is another platform where you can easily host your video conferences for your business. Dialpad lets you connect and collaborate effectively with your team across the globe. 

It is a browser-based platform, so you don’t need to download any extra bulky software for accessing this platform. It offers you multiple things like screen sharing, live chat, scheduling, one-click join, recording, and participant permission. On24 is a browser-based platform, enabling users to access this platform directly from their browser. Along with this, users can join online conferences via their desktops and mobile phones from anywhere in the world. 

As we all know, how important communication is. When it comes to business aspects it becomes even more important to communicate properly in a suitable manner so that information can reach maximum potential audiences.

With the right platform, you can meet your business goals, in this blog we have given information about top online platforms that you can rely on.

If you feel ZohoMeeting is no longer serving your business purpose or you want to explore other platforms also then you can use the above-stated information and can select one of these platforms as an alternative to ZohoMeeting for your upcoming webinar and online conferences. Also, these online platforms are the most trusted by national and international brands. Along with this, the above-stated platforms are budget-friendly platforms. 

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