WordPress Or Website To Work From Home?


If you are looking at work-from-home careers and intend to build a site, you may be wondering which is better; WordPress or a traditional website?

In a word….WORDPRESS!!!

Anyone who has or wants a work from home site should use a blog, this does not necessarily have to be “WordPress.” There are a few others you can work with such as Joomla, but since I know nothing about Joomla; I am going to talk about WordPress. : photo vault hack

I have said it over and over again on this site, the hardest part to any legitimate work from home career will be getting traffic. In other words, moving from the back of the Google line to the top page so people can find your new business.

A traditional site is setup to be “permanent”….let me rephrase that. When you build a traditional website you create one page at a time using a template. (unless you are an HTML guru) These pages are put together one piece at a time, adding an image, text, and links are all individual steps you take to “create each page.” This is not very “seo friendly” because these pages are a pain to go in and edit; or add fresh content if you will.

They are really not created to go in and change once you create them, you can; but it is a hassle! The reason most people who work from home use WordPress is the content. It is so simple to just add another post which of course adds fresh content and keywords for Google. Another advantage is the ability to have comments which is yet another way of keeping Google’s attention on a specific page. (or post)

Take my main post for example; Looking For A Legitimate Work From Home Opportunity. People can and have commented which immediately sends the search engines back to “crawl” this new information. It doesn’t stagnate like a traditional website page that Google never see’s any changes to. This makes it so much easier to rank because it is continually changing with new and fresh content. How To Start Blogging As A Home-based Business

Then you have WordPress plugins, themes, and widgets which make it so easy to build a fantastic website quickly and without a lot of aggravation. Once you start playing around in the back office of your WordPress you will learn that there is a plugin or widget for everything; and they are usually free!

I can easily see how many visitors come to this site off of the various search terms, add tag clouds, security, social sharing, basically whatever you can think of there is a plugin for it.

Should you want to work from home successfully do not make your job any harder than it already is, WordPress is definitely the way to go.

If you are ready to start building your new work from home site go and get your domain name and make sure whoever hosts your new site has easy WordPress install. You don’t want a hosting company that will require you to install WordPress by uploading files as that is a hassle which isn’t necessary.

Most large companies like GoDaddy and Hostgator will offer one touch WordPress install. You literally click the WordPress install button and you are good to go. Login as the admin and start creating your new work from home business using plenty of “keywords, content, and links.” 🙂

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