Why modern-day parents are choosing to homeschooling kids.

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The rise of homeschooling can be witnessed now more than ever. Amid the pandemic, where everybody is forced to be inside four walls, schooling kids is a next to impossible task, but educating them isn’t. This article highlights the inclination of modern-day parents towards homeschooling.

What is home-schooling?

Home-schooling essentially is a progressive movement that allows educating school-going children in their very own homes or environment. It allows children to learn a lot of things that aren’t just limited to any syllabus and grow in a non-restrictive environment. Some parents believe that it offers more holistic growth in a positive environment, and some just do not like the traditional schooling methods for their personal reasons.

Why Home-schooling?

Even though the traditional methods of schooling have, without a doubt, been proven effective in educating children, sharpening their skills, and providing the ambiance required for development, a lot of recent studies have had some contrary facts to state.

There have been many reasons for the dissatisfaction of modern-day parents with the traditional educational approach, switching to homeschooling. Changing the educational environment Studies suggest a lot of parents believe the environment in school these days is very negative and improper to raise a child. 

What environmental factors are parents concerned about?

Most often parents are concerned about bullying because unlike a physical wound this wound on a child goes mostly unnoticed. Incidents of kids teasing each other or stealing things or calling them derogatory names or even physically harming one another can go unnoticed or dismissed by the teachers. 

This can later result in immense social pressure, distorting a student’s mental health, causing depression, disturbing sleep patterns, etc

Home-schooling is thus preferred by modern parents as it provides a more wholesome environment to nurture their child and allows holistic development. Additionally, it eliminates the risk of any harm physically or psychologically that would have otherwise been caused in school. 

• Better education- Surveys say that a lot of parents are unhappy with the kind of education provided in school these days entailing several reasons.

For example, the syllabus provided is very strict and rigid and does not allow practical growth of the students, besides the schools have tended of over exhausting their resources, i.e., more students in classes resulting in less attention being given by the teacher. However, with home-schooling there’s no rigid syllabus or academic instruction, so the parents can ensure a better and diversified learning for their kids that focus on individualism. Not just that, when kids aren’t burdened with constant deadlines and assignments, they tend to develop their skills and passion and continue to progress in that very field. Home-schooling allows children to find their interest and pursue it, unlike public/private schools.

• Improved social Interaction- Another reason why modern-day parents prefer homeschooling is that they want to ensure less exposure to bullying and more exposure to constructive or healthy social interaction for their children.

While most school-going children in their growth years spend most of the time in their classrooms, homeschooled children have more activities to get involved in and get a more real-life learning or experience. The impact of homeschooling in this manner often improves a child’s psychological and emotional development. It also strengthens family connection and instils a better sense of civic responsibilities in the child.

• Better care of special children- Due to a large number of students in the class, it is difficult for a teacher to attend to each one of them or solve their problems, thus making it next to impossible to take special care of a child. But, by homeschooling parents can use a customised curriculum and adapt different teaching techniques that cater to the needs of their children.

• Other reasons to homeschool- The current scenario of the world has forced many parents to try homeschooling. The pandemic has closed all the schools and other educational institutions for and other educational institutions for an indefinite period, giving parents all the more reasons to try homeschooling.

Parents have often felt that traditional schooling methods take a toll on their pockets, unlike homeschooling where they can control what they spend on and keep them in check. Besides, kids who are more into sports or fine arts and their performance schedules often do not tally with their schooling, thus making homeschooling their best shot.


There is no doubt that homeschooling is gaining popularity among modern parents due to multiple reasons. Opening doors to new opportunities and systems is the need of the hour, thus enabling young and modern parents to make the shift from traditional to homeschooling. To know more about Online Tutoring and Homeschooling, Click Here.

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