Why Does Medical Translation Require 100% Accuracy?

Medical Translation

Whether it is a simple doctor’s note or a prescription, medical translation always requires 100% accuracy. Every word mentioned in the medical document depicts the life of the people and therefore, there is no room for error when it comes to medical translation. Making a mistake in marketing translation might cost you a few dollars but in the case of the medical field, it can cost a life.

Inaccurate translation services result in embarrassment, confusion, and an array of confusing situations and this is what you need to avoid when you choose translation services. It’s true that 100% accurate translation is necessary for every situation but in the medical field, it holds vital importance. 

So, let’s understand why 100% accuracy is so important in medical translation 

Inaccurate translation can result in complications including death 

Medical translation isn’t just only about translating a piece of document from one language to another rather it requires a deeper understanding of the source information and then turning it in its best localized version. 

There is a big difference between medullary thyroid carcinoma and thyroid cancer but the patient won’t understand this difference unless guided by the medical practitioner. The professionals dealing in medical translation know the importance of these terms for treating the patient and therefore, they take proper care during the translation process. 

Online translation services for medical translation are necessary for patient-doctor interaction as well. 100% accurate translation helps doctors to stay away from accidental errors and thus they are able to diagnose and treat the ailment in a better way. 

There is no room for error in medical translation 

You will be surprised to know that in the year 2007, more than 47 patients had to go through knee replacement surgery just because of inaccurate translation. It is a painful process that involves lengthy downtime along with being confined to bed and all this because of mistakes in translation. 

Just a single mistake cost these 47 people trouble, pain, and confinement to bed for a long period of time. But still, this was one of those cases where there was a solution; otherwise, in many situations, the cost of a mistake in translation is paid by the patient’s life. 

Every type of medical translation requires technical precision and there is no way a native language speaker with no experience in translation can deal with medical translation through online translation services. 

Inaccurate translation can put authorization approvals at risk 

Every medical industry is highly regulated since it directly deals with people’s life. All the countries out there have outlined strict rules when it comes to medication as everybody has the right to access clear information about their medical condition and prescribed drugs. 

Yet, the laws related to the medical field vary from country to country. What makes a prescription ideal for Americans might not be good for Indians. This is why good translators must be aware of the medical policies and regulations of every country as only then they will be able to provide 100% accurate translation services. 

You can take the example of the EU which has strict regulations for clinical trials and medicinal products while on the other side, China, Japan, and other markets have their own rules and regulations. 

Choosing good translation services for medical translation is not a herculean task as there are many expert medical translation companies out there. All that you need to do is to be more precise and careful while choosing such services. Make sure that the company you are choosing offers 100% accurate translation and you can also check the track record of the company for ensuring accuracy. 

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