What is the IVF Treatment Cost in India?

the IVF Treatment Cost

In India, there are thousands of couples who are unable to have a child naturally. These people have no option other than going for IVF. But before taking treatment, many people are confused about the IVF treatment cost. They have questions like, what is IVF treatment cost in India, Is India good for IVF, Is IVF expensive, and many more other. Today in this article, we will answer these questions. So without wasting more time, let’s go. 

IVF treatment cost

Honestly, every IVF clinic charges different prices. So no one can tell you the exact IVF cost. Yes, but we can tell you the average infertility treatment cost. It will be an average cost, so don’t assume as the exact. So the IVF cost in India is between 95,000 to 1,90,000 Rs. It is the average price of any good fertility clinic. If you are still finding a good clinic, then try Aastha Fertility care. It is the best IVF center in Jaipur.

There is nothing wrong with spending some more money to get treatment in a good clinic. We know that the above IVF cost may sound expensive to you. But it is nothing in comparison to other countries like the US, UK, etc. They charge much more money than this amount for getting the same treatment. The reality is, nowadays, people visit India to get low-cost and high-quality treatment. 

After all, our county is one of the initial successful achievers of IVF babies. People trust Indian doctors and their experience too. So is it safe and cost-friendly to have IVF treatment in India? Of course, yes. The IVF treatment cost in India is nominal. It can be easily payable at one time, or someone can also go for a loan. 

Why is IVF so expensive?

The average cost of IVF is affordable. A simple middle-class person can easily afford it. But the harsh reality is, it is the average cost, not the actual cost. Let’s be practical now. It is the cost of your first IVF cycle. In India, the IVF success rate is between 30% to 35%. It means that you have a 60% to 65% chance of failure. Let’s say if your first IVF cycle fails, you need to go for a second. It will require more money. 

Doctors charge extra fees for the next IVF cycle. But you can save money by having treatment at an affordable IVF centre. If you are confused about choosing one, then try Aastha Fertility Care. The cost of the second cycle is less than the first one. If your second also fails, then you need to go for the third. It will require more money. Generally, people go for IVF without any planning for failure. You must go with the proper planning to quickly pay the IVF treatment cost. 

What are the Factors which Affect IVF treatment cost?

Hospital facility, experiences of Doctor, Type of Treatment, and Age of the Patient are the main factors that affect the IVF cost in India. Let’s discuss each aspect one by one. 

Hospital Facility and Experience of Doctor

Hospital facilities and doctor’s experiences majorly affect the IVF price in India. It is so apparent that if you take treatment in a good facility hospital with an experienced doctor will charge good money from you. 

Type of Treatment

IVF includes many practices. The doctor suggests the treatment according to the problem of the patient. If you cannot use your eggs, then you have to go for donor eggs. It will increase the IVF procedure cost in India. 

Age of the Patient 

IVF success rate is inversely proportional to the patient’s age. The success of IVF directly affects the IVF treatment cost. If you are young, you will be having more chances of success. In this situation, you will get a successful pregnancy in few IVF cycles to reduce the IVF cost. We suggest you go for IVF at a young age. It will majorly minimize your IVF charges in India. 

Final say

Thanks for reading till here. I hope here you got an idea about the IVF treatment cost in India. Now, it’s your choice whether to go for IVF or not. Here is a bonus tip for you. Do regular exercise and meditation for at least 1 hour. It will help you to get mental and physical fitness. We wish you all the very best for your upcoming IVF journey. 

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