What is the Best Way to Wear Your Ponytail Extensions When Swimming?

Ponytail Extensions When Swimming

The midsummer nightmare is one of the most important things to consider when wearing ponytail extensions. After countless trips to the beach, swimming in a chlorinated pool, there’s no denying it will sabotage your gorgeous hair. However, this does not stop you from swimming with your extensions. There are some good practices you can take into consideration before you dive into the pool. 

First off, let’s look at how swimming affects your ponytail extensions. Whether you’re lounging by the beach or in a chlorinated pool, both salt and chlorine will cause your extensions to entangle, and what’s worse? Matted hair. It can not only affect your extensions but your actual hair as well. Remember that your hair is most vulnerable when it’s damp. For this reason, we are providing you with how to wear your ponytail extensions and the hair care tips before and after swimming: 

If you enjoy getting your hair wet while swimming, there are a few styles that will keep your hair extensions from tangling and damaging.

Here are some protective ways you can wear your ponytail extensions when swimming 

#1. Pigtail Braids 

You must have gone through a pretty major pigtail phase as a child. Although the fun hairstyle is associated with youth, there are many pigtail hairstyles that are anything but childish. Whether it’s a french or regular braid, it will do the trick. Here’s how to style a pigtail braid step by step.

  1. Gently brush your hair and divide it into two equal sections at the back of your head. To make braiding easier, use a hair clip or elastic to secure one side out of the way.
  2. Divide a section of hair into three equal sections, similar to the basic braid.
  3. Cross the top strand over and through the middle and the bottom strand over and into the center. 
  4.  Take a small lock of hair next to the top strand and combine the two. 
  5. Cross the top strand and the hair you just picked up over and into the center. Then, add a new section of hair. 
  6. Repeat this step as needed until there is no more hair to braid. After that, braid the rest of your hair as usual. After that, secure the braid with an elastic. Check to see if the braids are the same length.

#2. Ponytail Braids 

Braids give your basic ponytail that “wow” factor. For a protective style that is both stylish and functional, look no further than the ponytail braids. With ponytail braids, you can also cut down on the number of products you need before and after swimming. Make sure you squeeze the water out of your braids. Here is how to achieve the look: 

  1. Pull your hair into a sky-high ponytail and slick it back.
  2. Divide the tail into three strands and begin tightly braiding down to the ends.
  3. You can even add more ponytail extensions if you’re afraid of compromising the quality of your natural hair. 

#3. Use A Swim Cap 

Wearing a swim cap is mandatory. Swim caps eliminate the need to swish or wash your hair in chlorinated water. They also help to keep your hair from annoying before your eyes. Although we cannot guarantee a watertight seal, swim caps effectively minimize the damage caused by washing your hair in chlorinated or salt water.  

However, swim caps can be too tight on your scalp, snapping your extensions out. If you have to wear a swim cap, make sure the edges are snug, not too tight. Apply a few more drops of essential oil or cream to your edges before putting on your cap.

Hair Care Tips Before Taking a Dip 

Tip#1. Reduce the Use of Hot Tools 

This is possibly the best hair care tip in general, regardless of whether you swim or not. Heat styling tools will only exacerbate any damage your hair feels after hours of spending in the water, sun exposure, and constantly washing your hair after going for a swim. During the summer, embrace your natural hair and go for a natural, tousled look with a ton of volume. 

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Tip#2. Apply Chlorine Hair Protectant 

There are many simple products designed for swimmers, but who says you can’t use them to protect your hair while swimming? Leave-in treatments are a quick and easy way to add UV protection and moisture to your hair. Spritz it on your hair before heading out, and keep it in your bag to use again before plunging into the pool or ocean. 

Hair Care Tips After Swimming 

#1. Use a Microfiber towel to wipe your hair 

It’s natural for us to jump out of the water and start rubbing our hair with a beach towel, but the rough material of the towel is bad for your hair! Rather, keep a soft microfibre cloth in your beach bag and gently pat your hair dry after swimming. 

#2. Avoid Brushing Wet Hair 

Again, you may feel compelled to brush your hair right after it has dried. Brush your damp hair as little as possible because hair extensions and natural hair are both at their weakest when wet, resulting in the ultimate hair disaster. Allow a few minutes for your hair to dry in the sun before brushing it through with a Loop Hair Extensions Brush.

#3. Apply a deep conditioning hair mask 

Moisture is the key to protecting your hair. Ironically, spending hours floating around in water causes your hair to become lifeless, which is why you need to replenish your hair and restore moisture to it. Leave-in conditioners and Hair Oils are fantastic for replenishing your hair, rehydrating it, and soothing your scalp. 

If an oil treatment isn’t your thing, you can also add moisture to your hair while taking a shower after the swim. Apply a little extra conditioning treatment to your ends and wait a few minutes before rinsing it out. Let the conditioner sit for an additional 10-15 minutes before rinsing with cold water to seal the hair cuticle, reduce frizz, and increase hair luster.  

It can be difficult to stick to a consistent hair care regimen, and by the end of the summer, you have a lackluster head of hair. Still, by following these after swimming hair care guidelines, you can ensure that your hair and extensions are intact without sacrificing quality or durability. Get in touch with Diva Divine to start your hair transformation journey with Easy Ponytail Extensions.

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