You must have heard about the subdomain, but have you ever seen a website created on the sub  domain?
Today I will tell you what is sub domain and how through subdomain you can create many multi-sites in your main site. First of all let us  know what is a sub domain? What is Sub Domain? Sub-domain means the domain linked to your main website domain name, we also call it second level domain. Now in this main site you can create many sub domains such as –,,, Now you must have understood what is Sub domain. Suppose you want to add Support forum or Ask forum to your website, then you can create one through Sub domain. Create Unlimited Sub domain Sites. All hosting providers offer you to create unlimited sub domains, which means you can create multi-sites. As you can create 25 sub domains in the basic plan of Blue host, on the other hand you can create unlimited sub domain sites in the popular plan. The sub website that you will create is completely separate and there is no connection to your main site. You can create your own separate website in such a sub-domain, you can create a new site by installing Word Press in it. Let’s create a sub  Subdomain
You can create a subdomain on the C-panel of your hosting.First login to your hosting account and go to C-panel.In the Domain section in C-panel, you can see the icon of Sub domain, click on it.Now in the next screen you have to select your main site and type the name of the sub-domain site like support, ask, forum. Enter the name and click on Create,that's All! You have created a sub-domain.Now you have to install Word Press on this sub-domain.
Install Word Press on Sub domain:-
Word Press installation process I do not need to tell, just like you have done Word Press installation on your main domain on C-panel, you have to install Word Press on sub-domain.The C-panel of all hosting companies is different but the Word Press installation process is the same. In the next screen select your created sub-domain.In the next screen install WordPress by setting site name, admin user name, email, password and install wordpress subdomain. After WordPress installation is complete, login to your subdomain site dashboard and you can do whatever theme, plugins installation and other settings you want to do.Our site is now ready, now you can show it on your main website by giving support forum or any other name on the menu.
Where to find Subdomain site in File Manager?
When you have created a new site by installing WordPress in a new sub-domain, you can see a new folder in File Manager like Ask, Support,   Forum or whatever name you have given.     
In that folder all the files of the website   including wordpress files, theme, plugin, images are stored.             
Final words, So in this way you can create multi sites on your website. Those who want to create support, ask forum for their site, they can make it by   following this process. If you want to create an asking or help forum, then   you can buy WordPress themes from Theme Engine for that. If you want to make a testing site then you can also create one.One more thing, after creating the site on the sub-domain, do not forget to submit its sitemap.
Now, here is the procedure to proceed with Subdomain and how to create a Subdomain in WordPress.
In the next post we will discuss about Subdirectory. What is Subdirectory and how to create Subdirectory?

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