What is a Dedicated IP for Emails, Why do You Need It?

Dedicated IP for Emails

It is always advantageous to have a dedicated IP for your email address. When you dig deeper into the benefits, you will find plenty. Don’t you think it is necessary to send data to its right destination? Of course, it is vital, and it will only come by when you opt for a dedicated IP for emails. Web hosting accounts can greatly benefit from dedicated IPs, and we will discuss its benefits in association with web hosting. Keep reading this post to the full to know what’s in the box for you!

What is a dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP refers to a unique identifying address assigned to your domain on the internet. Your web hosting provider will assign you a unique identification address that you can use for various purposes. When it comes to emails, you also enjoy the perks of a dedicated IP for your email address, and we will mainly focus on this point here.

IP addresses play a vital role in giving your domain a unique identification over the internet. A dedicated IP for emails means your business email address is assigned dedicated resources and identity for routing. You may perceive it as a non-essential element, but it can bring you countless advantages at the end of the day.

Dedicated VS Shared IP:

There are various distinctions between a dedicated IP and a shared IP, and understanding both will take some exploration. Let us thoroughly differentiate the two concepts to give you a clearer vision of both the terms and underlying concepts.

i) Dedicated IP Address:

When a single IP address is assigned to a single device in a network, the setting is termed a dedicated IP address. Each device has its unique identification over the internet for data transfer and routing. The number of IP addresses in this setup is finite and each device will have only one IP.

Web hosting companies use this concept for dedicated hosting, where a single customer enjoys all the resources and perks associated with a dedicated server. The same goes for email hosting, where you are assigned a unique IP for your email address. Are you thinking of buying email hosting for your business? Consider buying it from reliable email hosting Dubai companies!

ii) Shared IP Address:

Unlike dedicated IPs,  a single IP address is shared among multiple devices or domains hence called a shared IP address. IPs are not limited here, and nothing can stop you from sharing among multiple devices and domains.

The same concept can be used in shared web hosting, where the hosting companies share the resources among multiple users. Various customers access and use a single server which is cost-effective. It is the reason why dedicated hosting or dedicated IPs are costlier than shared hosting or shared IPs.

Why do you need shared IP for emails?

Dedicated IPs for emails can be indispensable and brings along various advantages for your business and email functions. Some of these advantages are compiled in the coming lines to give you a good understanding. Let us dive into them!

i) Easy site access:

A dedicated IP helps you connect and log in to your hosting account from everywhere. You can access the site from everywhere by logging in. Moreover, the dedicated IP will help you transfer larger files quickly.

ii) More server control:

Dedicated servers or dedicated IPs grant you more control over the server. Having a dedicated IP address will certainly expand the range of functionalities and control over the server. Following are a few things you can do with a dedicated server.

  • Sending and handling files in an agile way
  • Running a gaming server
  • Remotely managing your server
  • Running a virtual private network (VPN)

iii) Better Email deliverability:

You are likely to face a plethora of issues if you use a shared IP for your email. Using your web hosting account for emails with a shared IP will stem various problems, and you better avoid them. Mail servers are highly sensitive to IP addresses, and hence you should be extra careful. It would be best to buy email hosting from reliable email hosting Dubai companies to keep these problems at a distance.

iv) Enhanced security:

Do you want your email server or domain to be exposed to potential cyber-attacks? Certainly not! The best way to protect your mail server and account is to opt for a dedicated IP address as no one attack you accidentally or deliberately.

Shared IPs carry this associated risk of vulnerability to cyber scans and attacks. You can keep all these threats at a distance by choosing a dedicated IP address.

Launch your site on a dedicated hosting server today!

Web hosting platforms are popping up in the current dynamic era of the internet, and you need to opt for one that caters to your needs. The best among all is a dedicated hosting plan which grants you a dedicated server and resources to enjoy. Consider buying from reliable hosting companies today!

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