What Differentiates Screen Printing from Digital Printing?

digital printing.

It has been a common question of a lot of people who have been associated with the printing landscape that what’s the main feature of screen printing that differentiates it from digital printing. So, after digging up all the facts, we’ve compiled these below points which tell you about the difference between the two printing methods. 

Screen Printing

In this type of traditional printing method, a semipermeable stencil design is drawn on a mesh or fabric through which a variety of colored ink is pushed to create the desired design on the material. Different types of stencils are used with different ink combinations to achieve the desired design on the material. The areas of the fabric or material which are not supposed to be printed are covered up with an impermeable thing to prevent ink spillage or contamination. 

Digital Printing

It is a modern technique of printing in which the design’s image is digitally created on the computer and directly printed on the material with the help of an ink printer. This method of printing demands less effort and time because of which it is gaining more and more popularity around the globe.  

Which one should you prefer?

It all depends upon the quantity and the type of design you want to print. For example, if you want us to print those flags or banners that are very common these days, then both of these methods are equal. But if you want to design your custom long sleeve T-shirt that should have that vibrant look and those contrast colors, then we recommend going for screen printing. It is highly dependent upon the client’s requirement that what type of printing method should be opted. Both have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. 

Why should you go for Digital printing?

If you’re having a small number of print runs or looking for one-off types of prints, then you should opt for Digital printing. Some other benefits include:

  • Turn around speed is high.
  • Demands a low-cost type of setup.
  • Images can be printed accurately over the material.
  • Custom printing options

Some disadvantages of Digital Printing are:

  • Printable fabrics are very limited if we compare them with Screen printing fabrics.
  • The print quality is not long-lasting
  • Fixed pricing does not complement the profit measures

As we can easily see that digital printing method is ideal for limited print orders where customization, vibrant colors and photo printing requirements are there. This type of printing is surely not that durable but is super ideal for customizing your clothes like shirts, jackets, or custom long sleeve T-shirts for a single event or one-time display purposes.  

Why should you opt for Screen Printing?

The main advantage of screen printing is that it is extremely cost-efficient. Bulk printing can be done easily and at a super affordable cost. Some other benefits include:

  • Better quality output
  • Prints are ever-lasting and durable
  • Can be used to print on any type of material like textiles, glass, banners, electronic items, etc. 

Disadvantages of Screen Printing include:

The main disadvantage of Screen printing is that it demands a higher initial cost than the other printing methods and is also more time-consuming. Other cons include:

  • Colour combinations are limited.
  • The design looks a bit raised from the material because of the ink used.
  • Customization options are very limited

We recommend clients with this technique if they desire the best quality product which appears to be more professional and is durable at the same time. It is also pretty much suitable for bulk orders that do not demand much customization or variety of colors. 
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