What Can Go Wrong With Your Furnace?

Go Wrong With Your Furnace

Nothing is more peaceful than returning from a tough day at work during the chilly winter season and sitting in front of the furnace with your favorite book and a cup of tea/coffee. Furnaces are nothing less than a life-saver during the chilly winter nights as it makes the house comfortable and cozy, regardless of the temperature outside the house. 

But just like all other amenities of your house, there are many things that can go wrong with a furnace and you will never wish to spend a chilly winter night without it. If anything goes wrong with your furnace, then you should always get in touch with a good furnace repair Vancouver company but in addition to this, you should also know what can go wrong with your furnace. Let’s find out through this blog post. 

Not producing heat 

The most common issue people face while using a furnace is the furnace not being able to produce enough heat. If the furnace is not being able to produce enough heat then it is a cause for alarm but in many cases, this might not be a big issue. 

In most cases, the furnace is able to blow air but does not produce heat because of the wrong settings on the thermostat. If you turn on the fan setting on your furnace, then it will only blow air and not produce heat. 

Another reason why your furnace is not producing heat is the thermostat is not turned on or is not set on ‘heat’. In addition to this, the low-temperature setting on the thermostat can also affect the heat-producing ability of the furnace. 

The furnace keeps turning on and off

When the temperature of your room reaches the ideal level according to the setting in the thermostat, the furnace keeps continuing the cycle of on and off. This also allows the furnace to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat without being turned on for too long. But if your thermostat keeps turning on and off frequently then this can be a sign of a much bigger problem. 

During the short cycle, the furnace will run just for a couple of minutes before turning off. In most cases, this happens usually because of a lack of airflow in the furnace that results in overheating. You should always get your furnace checked by a reputed furnace repair Vancouver company. 

Furnace not turning on automatically 

If your furnace is in the right condition, it is going to turn on automatically whenever it gets a signal from the thermostat for maintaining the right temperature. But if are noticing that your furnace is not turning on automatically then there is something wrong. 

In some cases, this problem just requires a quick fix while in other cases, it might be a sign of a larger concern with the heating equipment. Even when the circuit breaker will be turned off, the furnace won’t turn on automatically

Furnace stopped working 

If your furnace stopped working abruptly then there might be an issue with the circuit as in such cases, the furnace trips the circuit breaker and this usually happens when there is an issue with the pilot light or the ignition. 

If your furnace has shut down and is not turning on then the best option you have is to call a nearby furnace expert and get the issue resolved. 

Never wait for the issue to resolve by itself, especially when it comes down to the furnace. Address the issue in your furnace and if required, call the experts to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.

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