What Attracts Cockroaches In Your Home?


For some nights now, you saw it looking around the kitchen, but you just weren’t fast enough to catch it. You are ready and you would like to seek help, but you are only a little embarrassed deep down. What’s the cockroach attraction anyway?

There is no simple answer to that question. You could ask yourself better what does not attract cockroaches, and there could be some things here. But it’s a long list of what it’s about.

Any type of cockroach infestation that you face can help you evict these unwanted house guests and keep your home fresh and clean, scrap and kill some of the common cockroach attractions and hiding places.

Why Do I Have Roaches in My House?

What Attracts Cockroaches

Cockroaches can go home via a number of techniques. In furniture or in an infested foodstuff, for example, the German cockroach often hits his home. Woodchucks and oriental chucks usually sneak into spaces outside of your property, such as windings or service openings.

Whether you are battling an existing cockroach infestation, or you want to prevent these pests from initially migrating home, here are some of the most common hot areas.

What Attracts Cockroaches?

1. Food and Crumbs

Cockroaches like all kinds of food and animal food left out by people. Cockroaches are actually nourished by any nutritional value. Even if we humans don’t consider it to be a nutrient.

Prevention and management of cockroaches generally imply a three-way approach to food and sanitation in kitchens:                                                                                               

  • Eliminate food access.

Easy access of pests to food is removed to decrease the problems of cockroach:

  1. Never leave food out on your kitchen counter.
  2. Wash dirty dishes in the sink, or put them before they go to bed in a dishwasher.
  3. Every evening, rinse empty drink containers and drink glasses.
  4. Review how you store foods, such as sugar, flour, and other foods often left on counters or shelves.
  5. Clean area for food preparation and restaurants.

Wipe your kitchen up and clean it every night. All food preparation surfaces (boards of cutting, countertops, etc.) are removed and crumbs and scrapings are swept off the floor of your kitchen and dining room.

Deep cleaning is also quite important. Toasters, ovens, stoves, and other similar surfaces typically have splashes, sprinklers, and crumbs that attract insects.

  • Store food properly.

Store food in watertight containers at all times. Target metal and plastic, as a source of food for cockroaches, can be cartons themself. Transfer them to a reusable, sealed container if you have products or things wrapped in card- or paper bags instead.

2. Pet Food

Cockroaches are omnivorous. They are not picky eaters and are regarded as opportunistic foods. They’re going to consume everything, including pet food. Some recommendations to take into account:

  • Do not leave the pet food all day long.
  • Consider feeding your pet with portions to complete in one sitting rather than keeping its pet’s dish filled throughout the day.
  • Clean the area up, sweep up and sanitize spills and crumbs in and around animal bowls.
  • Instead of letting the bag open in your garage or cupboard, keep pet food in sealed containers.

3. Garbage

Your garbage may be a major source of food for cockroaches, but it’s much more complex than you might imagine. Cockroaches do not just feed directly on the stuff in your garbage, but also become lured to any splashes or spills within your trash can.

Change your trash strategy appropriately:

  • Use your entire home of screened garbage cans and wastebaskets.
  • Line your garbage cans with a liner or plastic bag to avoid the accumulation of food and debris inside the trash can or wastebasket.

4. Water and Moisture

Most cockroaches come from humid tropical areas; therefore the like circumstances of your house are naturally drawn to them. Reduces moisture and moisture to lessening how accommodating cockroaches are for your house (and your bathroom in particular):

  • Remove standing water from your house by inspecting pipes and repairing leaks.
  • To assist keep the water out of walls, use caulk in gaps around the sink and tub areas.
  • Keep sponges out of the counter and dry from the kitchen.


Cockroaches usually hide during the day and reproduce and look for food at night. Enjoy a weekend in your house to get rid of every ordinary hideout.

Cockroaches, unlike some other insects, are a year-round nuisance. Because cockroaches are not the pickiest of pests, it might be difficult to establish what drew them in the first place. It is time to call a pest control professional for the most effective solution.


Some cocks like wood roaches and smoky brown cockroaches flourish in outdoor settings where they mate before their livelihoods are invaded. Cleaning up the countryside of your home helps to remove these plagues and also improves the attractiveness of your property:

  1. Rake up leaf litter and remove it.
  2. Consider decreasing your bark mulch’s thickness (you only need a couple of inches of mulch for soil health, moisture retention, and weed control, and anything deeper can create a haven for many unwanted critters).
  3. Remove from your home attractive compost containers, heaps of mulches, firewood, and other cockroaches.
  4. Light attracts wood bugs. Swaps of light bulbs might diminish the attractiveness of a wood roaches zone from white to yellow light lights.

What to do if you have roaches in your home

Take a look once a month at your homes and countryside to make sure that your cockroach prevention techniques are up to date, paying attention especially to the above-mentioned location.

Don’t try to resolve this difficult issue on your own if you still struggle with cockroaches after you have removes the common attractants we described. Speak with a skilled pesticide, which would identify the attractive cockroaches that are particular to your house and your lifestyle.

Our pest control professionals can prepare a customized preventive and management strategy that meets your specific needs and provides a complete pesticide control plan for cockroaches and other pests with which you may deal.

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