What Are The Responsibilities Of A Builder Throughout The Construction Process?

Construction Process

Who are Builders?

Builders have a huge demand in the market and are solely responsible for the building of homes. Before a builder can take any building project, they need to obtain a license from the municipal corporation of the respective place where they want to start the construction. Before constructing, the builders need to obtain prior permission.  A builder cannot work alone, they require subcontract bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. for performing their respective tasks while constructing a house. For this purpose, it is the responsibility of the contractors that they make sure that the subcontracted are licensed and qualified for the job. If this responsibility is not fulfilled then it can cause various types of hindrances in the construction process.

What is the role of a builder during the construction process?

You might think that the role of a builder is only to carry out the building work but that is not the case. Builders in North West London have a lot of other responsibilities such as:

  • Quoting and submitting tenders
  • Contracting for building work
  • Arranging and paying labour and subcontractors
  • Scheduling work
  • Conducting on-site meetings and inspections
  • Sub-contracting to another building

Though you should have a building work contractor’s license for carrying out any construction process but you can limit your license to specific work such as Aluminum Window and Door Installation.

Follow the Safety Measures:

The responsibility of a builder is to make sure that their employees are following all the safety measures and precautions. Check and balance should be kept on all the safety hazards as any accident that happens during the construction process will be blamed on the builder.

Have an Insurance Policy:

Builders should have an insurance policy as it will protect the owner against flawed and incomplete work. They should also have liability insurance, which will make sure that the quality of the work is maintained. This is necessary because even if after 10 years a fault has been found in the construction process then the builder will be held responsible for it.

Abide by the building guidelines:

It is necessary for the builder to abide by the building guidelines. These guidelines are different for different types of construction processes such as high-rises, apartments, malls, etc. Whilst constructing a residential apartment there are certain guidelines that need to be followed.

  1. An apartment higher than 13 inches should have a lift installed in it within the minimum capacity of 6 persons
  2. Fire safety measures are mandatory and have to be installed in the building guidelines. These are necessary in order to prevent the danger to life and property by the fire in the building
  3. The planning, design, construction, and installation of plumbing mechanisms such as water supply, drainage, and sanitation should be in accordance with guidelines provided by the residential society or building.
  4. The design, installation of all the electrical circuits and appliances, air conditioners, and heaters should also be laid out in accordance with the building regulations.

No Objection Certificate:

A builder has to get a No objection Certificate from the water supply, sewage control, fire service, electrical safety, and other apprehensive authorities. This is a legal document that is required for making sure that the construction process does not intrude upon others properties. After obtaining the NOC, it has to be signed by the relative authorities for making sure that construction has been carried out in accordance with the rules.

Signing a Building Contract:

A building contract is vital if the building work has worth $12000 or more. It ensures the safety of the both employee and the employer. However, a building contract must be:

  • Clearly written
  • Have a business name and license number of the contractor and its partners
  • Signed by both the contractor and the owner
  • State the price and payment terms with a warning that there can be a ‘rise and fall’ in the prices

The owner and the contractor, both should have copies of the contract.

Provide high-quality services:

Builders are responsible for providing high-quality services from painters to builders, groundworks, and decorators which allow the customers to redesign their space which fulfills their needs and requirements. Whether it is a renovation or remodeling project for a home, office, or any other building, it is the responsibility of the builders to make sure it looks newer, nicer, and attractive.

A builder should be reliable and should be professional in providing excellent interior and exterior services for your house, apartment, or any other workspace.

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