What Are The Benefits Of Farm Machinery – Know Types and Uses

Benefits Of Farm Machinery

Agriculture is an extremely intensive process that can’t be done manually. In order to build an efficient farming business, the agriculture activities in modern days involve the necessary use of various tools and machines to carry out more profit. The use of agriculture machinery is extremely evident in India, where the population mainly depends upon farming for earning their livelihood. Moreover, both organic and inorganic farming operations remain dependent upon the array of machinery. There are a lot of farming tools, and implements are available in the market for various purposes. Today we came up with this amazing blog to introduce you to different types of machinery used for farming. Without any further due, let’s start this blog. 

What is Agriculture Machinery?

Agriculture machinery is used to ensure efficient yet productive farming operations. Currently, there are many types of equipment used by farmers, which basically includes hand tools, power tools and more. The tractor is one of the best examples of power tools that are widely used by a farmer across the globe. Sonalika tractor models are the most productive tractor out there, which provide the best value for your money. This particular equipment is used in both organic and inorganic farming. 

However, these tools are very beneficial for making a good profit, as they equipped with modern technology, which ensures significantly higher yield productivity. This includes tractor, seed drill, cultivator, harrow, agriculture sprayer, harvester, rotary tiller, and more. 

What are the Benefits of Agriculture Machinery in Farming 

  • Farming implements improves the quality of yield and boosts the entire food production in the market. 
  • The introduction of these implements with high-end technology has significantly reduced labour demand and ample work done in the stipulated time.
  • It enables the farmers to produce the required goods in huge demand, unlike traditionally where most of the work is done manually. 
  • Using them, we can have a complete record of the average capacity as well as the availability of total workdays of the machine. This helps in a more effective job of selective machinery is possible.

Types of Farm Machinery

Based on the working process and requirement, we have divided the farm machinery into five major categories. These includes:

  1. For Soil Cultivation
Following are the farm machinery used for the cultivation of the soil.  
  • Cultivator

A cultivator is generally used for thrilling and grinding the soil before planting or removing weeds after growing. This is a tractor driven implement that stirs the soil to a much higher depth than harrow. 

  • Plough

Plough is used in the preparation of sowing seed for initial soil cultivation. Plough turns the upper layer of the soil, bringing the nutrient to the surface. 

  • Rotary Tiller

They are sometimes referred to as rotavators, a motorized grower that uses spinning blades to work the soil. Rotary tiller can either be self-driven or tractor driven as an extension.

2. For Harvesting and Threshing 

Following are the farm machinery used for Harvesting and Threshing
  • Combine Harvestor 

The combine harvester is a multi purpose farming implement. For instance, it can efficiently perform combine planting, threshing, and cleaning the grain crop. 

  • Reaper 

Reaper comes in handy for ground-level cereal harvesting. They are powered either by the power tiller or by the tractor. A paddy reaper can help harvest at a proper stage of crop maturity and reduce drudgery and operation time.

So these are the types of implements used in farming. I hope you are now much aware of the fact that how necessary these implements are. For more information related to the tractor and other farm implements, stay tuned with us.   

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