Web Portal And Its Types You Should Be Aware Of


Smooth and effective communication is undoubtedly the key to success. Most of the websites are built with the purpose of ensuring this mantra; however, they often face challenges in it. Specifically, in the case of organizations, internal communication suffers a lot, and the employees keep bugging the concerned authorities for the latest updates. In such scenarios, a web portal is the best medium that can take away all the hassle and ensure smooth and steady communication.

What is a Web Portal?

A web portal is a type of website that collects a vast range of information for the specific target audience and keeps them updated on the new development. It is different from the general website in the way that the users can add their accounts and get personalized details and information. Web portals are a specific need of organizations and institutes that need to improve their communication.

Dig deeper into this article to learn in detail about web portals, and make sure to explore the types that you should be aware of.

Top 7 Types of Web Portal You Need To Know

Web Portal

Web portals are usually developed for organizations and institutes that have a specific direct target audience. However, the type of audience and their needs can differ significantly. So, the details need to be considered in the development of portals, which is the source of the major types of web portals. Learning about them in detail can help you know which one is better for you.

Here are the major types of web portals that you need to know about, as well as utilize efficiently to serve your target audience.

1. Vertical Portal

The very first type of web portal that you should be aware of is the vertical portal. It is the one focused on a specific industry or niche. For example, if there is a portal about health issues that are keeping the public about diseases, symptoms, treatment and connect them with the relevant doctor in their area, which will be considered a vertical portal. There is a growing trend of organizations hiring web development Dubai based companies and getting one to offer advanced information to their users.

2. Horizontal Portal

The next type of web portal, which is actually the contrast of the vertical portal, is the horizontal portal. It is the one that targets multiple niches at the same time. They usually cater to a wide range of target audiences and serve their multiple interests. News portals, yahoo, and MSN specifically fall in the category of horizontal portals.

3. Media Portal

Another important type of web portal is the media portals. As evident from the name, media portals are the ones that are launched and managed to share updates about media channels. They serve multiple purposes, including entertainment, business updates, sports, crimes, health, and everything else that falls in the sphere of society and affects it in one or another way.

4. Marketplace Portals

Market portals are the ones that are specifically designed and managed to serve the business communities. They are also a communication channel for buyers and sellers. The market portals keep their target audience updated about the rise and fall in the values of commodities and assets. They also offer advice on investment and trade-related matters.

5. Employee Web Portal

One of the most important types of web portals is the employee portal. As evident from the name, these portals are specifically designed and managed to optimize employee communication. Such portals do not only share important organizational updates with the employees but also share the track of their performance, incentives, awards, as well as keep the employees updated about internal postings.

6. Community Portal

Another important type of portal you should know about is the community portal. These are the ones launched for specific communities. They share updates and news about community matters, activities, events, and charity programs, and social service programs. The purpose of such portals is to keep the communities aware of the latest happenings, as well as keep them united for the greater good.

7. Learning Portal

The last and most crucial type of web portal is the learning portal. These are often the part of educational institutes, which allow the students to access digital libraries and learning resources. These portals also share the latest institutional updates with the students, teachers, and concerned staff, and in some cases, parents too, so they do not miss important developments. In case you need one for your institute, you can consult web development companies and let the experts sort out all your issues and troubles.

Is Your Organization Facing a Communication Gap?

If yes, it is the sign that you need a web portal that can streamline all the major updates. You do not have to worry too much about developing one. Contact the professional developers, share your requirements and get a perfect solution to your communication issues.

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