8 Ways in Which Wall Stickers Refresh Your Space

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are not something new and people have been using them for years to decorate their homes. Though wall stickers had gradually lost their charm, they are regaining their popularity in recent years and we couldn’t be happier. They are easy to install which makes them a great choice for renters and the best part is that they don’t cost you a fortune. 

Modern wall stickers come in a plethora of patterns and designs and you are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing a wallpaper for your home. Still not convinced that you can transform your space with contemporary stickers? We have narrowed down 8 ways in which wall stickers give a new look to your space. 

1. Make your space look personal

While there is no doubt that wall paints make your space look fresh, they often appear flat and fail to add a real oomph to your space. That is where wall decoration stickers come into the picture. They add character, personality and fun into your space and let your guests see a glimpse of your tastes and preferences. 

2. Mask imperfection 

Is there a crack on the wall and you are not willing to spend a bomb to get it repaired? A temporary fix would be to buy a stylish wall sticker and install it on the cracked wall. 

3. Alternative to wall art 

Don’t have the liberty to drill artwork on the walls of your rented apartment? Wall stickers redefine contemporary wall art. You can choose chic wall designs and install them in your space and let them showcase your creative side. A pro tip is to not overdo it and remember less is more when you are picking wall stickers for your space. 

4. Conversation starters 

Do you host a lot of parties in your space and are looking for ways to make your guests envious of your gorgeous home? If yes, then you can do so by installing some minimalistic and chic wall stickers which will make your space look expensive and stunning. 

5. Beautify awkward corners

Are you looking for ways to decorate an awkward spot in your home? By installing wall stickers in these areas, you will distract  the eye away from the eyesores and make the space appear gorgeous and chic. 

6. Decorate kids’ room 

Kids are known to go through phases of obsession that don’t last for long. If you are looking for an easy and temporary way to spruce up your kid’s room, then wall stickers are your best option. The best part is that you can bond with your kids while choosing their favourite cartoon wall stickers and letting them help you install them in their playroom or bedroom. 

7. Tell a tale

Wall stickers allow you to narrate a tale or display a theme in any room. If you install wall stickers with intricate floral patterns, then your space would look like a nature-themed room. You can also install wall stickers of gods or mythical creatures to tell a story through your walls. 

8. Make a room appear spacious 

It is believed by interior design experts that by introducing horizontal stripes on your walls, you can make a small room appear larger. If you don’t have the finances or simply don’t wish to spend a bomb to paint horizontal stripes on the walls, then you can simply hunt for horizontal stripes wall decoration stickers

Wall stickers undoubtedly bring a space to life and allow you to tell tales through your walls. Looking for an online store to buy trendy wall stickers?
Rush to the Asian Paints website and browse through a wide range of contemporary wall designs and stickers that will help you revamp your space without going broke. 

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