Using A Webcam To Record Videos For The Internet


A webcam is basically a small video camera which feeds or plugs an electronic image or video into a computer through a digital network, like the Internet. Webcams are generally small, usually plastic cameras that sit either on a tripod or are attached to the user’s computer monitor, stand on a shelf, or are automatically built into the system. They can be used to view people in real time, record videos, or both. These days, webcams have an array of uses for businesses and individuals, ranging from fun and entertaining to safety and security.

The most common reason for using webcams in today’s world is for entertainment. This includes videos taken by personal computers, hand held video recorders, and cell phones. Businesses use webcams to monitor their employees, customers, and vendors. Security firms and homeowners use webcams to view their homes and properties in order to protect them from burglars or malicious intruders. A webcam can even be placed in strategic positions in public areas and places to deter crime.


Understand the basic requirements for using the webcams

For webcams, the internet and computer networking are the basic requirements. Internet access is either necessary through a high speed modem connection or through a wireless router connection. Wireless webcams work using radio signals instead of traditional cables. The signals are transmitted from the web cam to the computer, and through the computer to the receiver. As long as there is internet connectivity, a webcam can easily send and receive video signals.

Some webcams need an external power supply or plug-in to work, although most webcams nowadays have built-in video output connectors. The audio output connects the user’s voice to the video. It is also possible to use a microphone attached to the computer as a viewer. For some web cameras, a microphone and speaker are not needed.

Some webcams allow users to see a recorded video on a web page, called a web cam video. Web-cam videos look like regular web-casts, but they are actually recorded in a digital format on the computer instead of on a DVD. The video can be viewed by the whole world using a browser. A webcam can also capture audio and display text, although text is normally only displayed in small fonts. Audio, however, can be captured in higher quality with a microphone attached to the computer.

The two main and important uses of webcams

There are two main uses for a web cam: one is the ability to provide visual proof of something happening; the other is to provide testimony in court, or to provide evidence for a lawsuit. Evidence can help prove guilt or show negligence on behalf of the plaintiff (the one suing). A web cam shows the user performing an action, whether or not it is necessarily visible to the public. It can therefore help establish an employee’s responsibility to his employer. On the other hand, a video can show negligence on the part of a business or a person acting on the behalf of a business. Thus, it can help establish damages for someone injured while on the job.


In order to use a web cam, first you will need a web cam viewer. There are various types of web cam viewers, including Windows movie maker software, RealPlayer, Camira, and Yahoo webcam. These web cam software programs let the users record video onto their computers and then view them with a web cam software. To use these programs, the user simply needs to launch the software and follow the on-screen instructions. One can simple buy the webcams from online stores like

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