Use Of Non-Woven Fabric in Medical Baby Care Products

Non-Woven Fabric
Non woven fabric

Filter paper and filter cloth are useful in various application areas. Many manufacturing companies in India are involved in the woven filter fabric and Non-woven filter fabric manufacturing work. The hotel industry, hospitals, research centers use these non-woven fabrics for several types of applications. Non-woven fabrics are one of the best raw materials to design safety gloves, clothed/uniforms, masks, caps, etc.  

Non-woven fabrics are resistant to infections and diseases. It is best suitable for dust-free cotton packaging. The experts have shared their opinions about Non-woven filter fabric and asked to use it for medical safety initiative purposes.

Disinfected packets and covers are designed with non-woven fabric, keeping the bacteria away from the surface. Medical professionals cover the operation tools and other things used in hospitals and labs through these filter fabrics. 

If there is any kind of cotton dust involved then the non-woven fabric can make it clean. Non-woven fabrics are common nowadays in all industries. You can find these products at affordable rates at the place of a manufacturing firm.

Non-woven fabrics do not tear into pieces. It is resilient, sustainable, water-resistant, safe, gentle, and easy to breathe. Also, it keeps allergies and itching problems away.

Non-Woven packaging factors for medical babycare products

Non-woven fabric is used to design the bed linen, diapers, blankets, dressing product, gowns, disposable clothes, drug delivery and packaging, filter media product, nasal strips, soft pillows, show covers, sponges, towels, wrappers, etc. 

To fulfill the need for sterilization packing and coverage, Non-woven fabrics are ideal to carry pressure stem, low-temperature plasma, ethylene oxide, etc. Below we are mentioning a few things that matter for the packaging and storage of medical instruments.

To get settled in medical department facilities and materials comparative factors need to match:

  • The material should be breathable.
  • No wet impact
  • Prevent saltwater
  • Should be safe for human, no added toxic agents in any instance
  • Flexibility and adaptability 
  • Holding capacity, collapse rate
  • The rate of extension and many other

Advanced conditions to use non woven fabric in medical use 

  • Where will it store?

To perform the task of packaging, sterilization, and monitoring or inspection, the ideal temperature level and relative humidity of the indoor atmosphere need to be checked. It should be between 20deg C to 23degC or for humidity it should not be more than 30%-60%. 

In the medical field, we do different types of packaging such as cotton dressing, equipment, and tools packaging. But to maintain the cleanliness of things, separate the room.

  • What should be the size?

When we need to do packaging for an instrumented car, the non-woven fabric length should be 30cm to the car device surface so it can completely cover the instrument. So, the length should be a little longer for the perfect convergence.

  • Non-uniform instrument

If the instrument is not in symmetric or uniform shape then packaging becomes a task for everyone. To pack the drilling instrument, openers, screwdrivers we need to use the net fabric basket first, and then we can use non-woven fabric. Cotton balls will also need to place in the center and around the non-woven fabric. Fold the fabric’s right-left edge oppositely. Roll it in a forward way. Seal it and 3 to 4 wraps. 

  • Frame hook instrument

Apart from uniform and non-uniform size instruments and other items, frame hook size packaging also should be done differently. It should be perfectly fit from all corners. You can use tape to make it inner packaging done. 

At the End

We can say that Non-woven fabrics or polypropylene filter cloth propose extensive benefits in the medical field where hygiene and disinfection atmosphere is a prime thing. It is a skin-friendly product that does not encounter any health problems. As the new technology and sensor products are introduced in the medical field their storage should be done in an advanced manner. 

It restricts the spread of viruses, infection, and pollution from surfaces and surroundings. Many companies making medical accessories packaging kits, covers, and clothing type products using non-woven fabric or pp filter cloth in Indore you can locate the companies as Indore is included as one of the cleanest cities of Madhya Pradesh.

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