Unique Places To Visit in Cuba

Unique Places To Visit in Cuba

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. For every traveler, Cuba is a dream tourist destination. The island is a perfect blend of history, culture, and adventure. You get to experience their architecture from the old historic buildings, and many vintage cars still move on the streets of Havana. Cuba is also a good destination for nature lovers. The coastline of Cuba is spread along 5,000 km, and the natural habitat is found in most parts. If you plan to visit Cuba, you must check out American Airlines Booking and get your seats booked at the best-discounted prices. Along with that, we have mentioned some of the unique places to visit in Cuba. 

Old Havana 

If you have visited Cuba and haven’t been to Old Havana, you have missed out on a lot. Old Havana has been listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. This place is the best to get to know Cuban history. The historic buildings here can easily make you raise who Havana must have looked like years from now. The main attractions of old Havana include Plaza de la Catedral, Bodeguita del Medio, Plaza Vieja, and Catedral de San Cristobal. 


Trinidad is yet another town in Cuba that is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The architecture of this town is mostly from17th to 19th century. The best places to visit are Plaza Mayor, Church and Monastery of Saint Francis, Casa de Aldeman Ortiz, and Church of Holy Trinity. To get a closer look at the plantation of sugar cane, which the city has been famous for, you can visit  Valle de Los Ingenios.


If you are looking for the best beach in Cuba to relax a spend some quality time with your family, you must visit Varadero. The beach is lined up with over 50 beaches to choose from. The highlights of this beach are Cueva de Ambrosio, Parque Ecológico Varahicacos, and Cueva de Musulmanes. You can also enjoy diving, snorkeling, golf, and other fun activities. The white snowy sand n the beach is a treat to the eyes after a long week at work. 

Zapata Peninsula

If you are a nature enthusiast and want to get a closer look at the natural habitat of Cuba, you should come to Zapata Peninsula. Zapata Peninsula is one of the few largest wetlands in the Caribbean. Here, you will find over 150 varieties of birds. The site is also famous for sport fishing, hiking, and scuba diving. The beach area of this region is lined up with private houses and restaurants so that you can rent a place to stay and grab a quick bite of the Cuban delights. 

Viñales Valley 

To get the best view of Cuba, there is no better place than Viñales Valley. The valley is surrounded by luscious beauty and limestone cliffs. This valley is also famous for its taboo plantation. Along with that, UNESCO has also listed Viñales Valley under its list of Heritage Sites. You can go hiking or horse riding in the hills of the valley. 


In the mids of all the adventurous locations, Cienfuegos is a quiet, peaceful city. Here, you can connect with the locals and get to experience their life and know their stories. The key highlights of this town are Parque Marti, Teatro Tomás Terry, Palacio del Valle, and Museo Histórico Naval. You can also visit Jardín Botánico and Rancho Lun, which are slightly outside the city.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the second-largest city in Cuba. French people who settled in Cuba in the late 70s left their essence in the architecture, culture, and art of the town. The main highlight of Santiago de Cuba is the Castle of San Pedro del Morro. This castle was built in the 17th century and has been preserved ever since. 


The third-largest city of Cuba, situated in its heart, is Camagüey. The fun fact about this city that attracts the people is the earthenware jars that the locals use to store water. Along with that, the unique architecture of the town also attracts many people. Key sites not to miss in Camagüey are Parque Agramonte, Plaza San Juan de Dios, Finca La Belén, and Plaza de los Trabajadores.These are some of the best places to visit in Cuba. one must add this beautiful island to their bucket list. The place is adventurous and peaceful at the same time, making it the perfect tourist destination for everyone. We recommend you not to waste any time and make American Airlines Booking for Cuba immediately.

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