Understanding Bluehost’s Managed Hosting Plans

Bluehost's Managed Hosting Plans

If you have spent any time searching about hosting online, you must have come across the term “managed hosting”. Well, you must know about shared web hosting where you have to share server space and resources with other website owners using the same server. 

This is one reason why managed hosting has become popular among website owners in recent years. Managed WordPress hosting allows you to solely focus on running and growing your website online while your managed hosting provider like Bluehost takes care of your website’s routine maintenance and upkeep including security, speed, backups, and updates.

What is managed WordPress hosting? 

There’s no doubt that WordPress is among the most popular website and blog-building platforms from beginners to brands. To cater to this large website hosting audience many web hosting providers have come up with specialized managed hosting plans for WordPress users called managed WordPress hosting.

How managed hosting is different from regular hosting?

As we shared earlier most beginner bloggers, start-ups, or mid-size businesses choose shared web hosting to start. One of the reasons is affordable shared hosting plans.

However, as your website is sharing server resources with a hundred other websites these shared hosting plans often don’t work for high-traffic websites. 

Managed WordPress hosting solves these issues as the servers are specifically configured for WordPress websites and can withstand high traffic spikes.

Features of a managed WordPress Hosting

There are no key features that set apart managed hosting from other hosting platforms. However, you can experience these features and benefits from the best managed hosting service provider.

  • Website maintenance
  • High security
  • Speed optimization
  • 24×7 customer support

Why you should choose managed hosting?

1. Technical support

With managed web hosting you no longer have to worry about technical issues. With a small team of technical experts from the hosting provider, you rest assured to solve any technical issues on time so you can focus on more important aspects to run and grow your website online.

2. Higher loading speed

As we shared earlier managed hosting platforms are optimized for high traffic spikes at a server level. Thus, a sudden increase in website traffic won’t affect your website’s speed and performance.

Moreover, as most managed hosting providers use server-level caching you don’t have to go through the frustration of installing and managing caching plugins.

3. Offers high scalability and security

In the digital era, mere running of websites during high traffic time is not enough. To hold current visitors and attract new ones you must ensure your website is functional and responsive despite receiving high traffic.

Many times such a spike in traffic puts a strain on server resources. Thus, Bluehost has partnered with Cloudflare, which has proxy servers worldwide. So during the server downtime, your visitors can still access your website by showing the saved website information from the proxy server nearest to your visitor.

Along with high scalability, a well-managed WordPress host like Bluehost also ensures the security of your hosted websites. Most managed WordPress hosting platforms have built-in security systems including firewalls, real-time malware removal, and a free SSL certificate to show search engines and users that your website is safe to access.

Final words

 As you dive deep into the world of web hosting you will get to know more about managed hosting platforms. This might also increase your dilemma as to which hosting platform to choose. Checking the below aspects will help you make the right decision.

  • Specialized WordPress hosting provider
  • Free website migration
  • Free domain and SSL certificate 
  • Minimal to zero overage charges for increased traffic

Make sure your managed hosting provider offers at least these features within your plan.

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