Disposing Waste? Know About the Various Types of Available Skip Bin

Skip Bin

Over the years there has been a steady increase in the generation of waste all across Australia. And even in spite of proper reusing, recycling, and every other effective waste reduction process, there will be some kind of waste that only needs to go into the landfill and nowhere else. If you happen to be struggling with this kind of waste, then hiring a skip bin is the apt solution for you.

When choosing a skip bin, you must be aware of all the skip bin types that are present and or available with the skip hire companies. Here is a list of all the important skip bin types.

Skip Bins

Different Types of Skip Bin That You Can Consider to Eliminate Waste

1) Marrel Skip Bins

Marrel skip bins are counted as the most standard skip bin types that are available for the removal of waste. These types of skip bins comprise tall sides and include difficult loading procedure when put in contrast with other types of the skip bin. The size of Marell skip bins varies from 1.5m3 and go up to 17m3.

2) Hook lift Skip Bins

Also popularly termed as walk-in skip bins, the hook-lift skip bins are another standard skip bin type that is available. The hook lift skip bins are longer when compared with the Marell skips and comprise of lower sides. One of the most distinguished features they host is a rear door that you can swing open. The hook lift skip bins provide walk-in access into the skip, turning the loading process easy.

3) Mobile Skip Bins

The mobile skip bins are a modern skip bin type that is smaller as compared to hook-lift skip bins and Marrel skips. They are also termed as the ‘mini skip bin’. They have a resemblance with front lift bins which you will come across in industrial sectors. The small trailers are used to transport the mobile skip bins and place them on roads sans a permit. The size of mobile skip bins varies from 3m3 to 6m3.

4) Skip Bags

Skip bags are unique and lots of differences from other skip bin types. While you can hire the skip bins once, the skip bags can be accessed for a longer duration hire; they aren’t a solid structure of steel bin but a hessian bag. Upon ordering a skip bag, you will receive its delivery and your waste would be removed periodically. Th skip bag shall remain at your place for as long as you desire.

Go for A Professional Skip Bin Service

Why have a tough time dealing with bulky bags and overflowing trash bins when you can seek help from a professional skip bin hire service. The skip bin hire services are suitable for both commercial waste and domestic waste removal. If you need to hire a skip bin, ask your skip bin service provider about their ways of waste removal and pick-up procedures.

Different Skip Bin Sizes

Ensure to check that you have picked up the ideal skip bin size according to your requirements. If you are unsure, go for a larger size than the one you think would be correct, rather than running into the possibility of encountering an overflowing bin.

Standard Skip Bin Sizes

Mini Skips

They are the smallest skip bins that are available for your hire and ranges from 2-3 cubic meters. They are perfect for small projects like garden cleaning or domestic cleaning, etc.

You can count on mini skips to dispose of furniture items, plaster, weds, grass rolls, etc.

Middle Sizes Skips

They are larger and vary in size from 4-6 cubic meters. The middle-sized skips are capable of carrying twice the weight carried by mini sizes skips and are built for the removal of commercial and industrial rubbish. You can hire middle-sized skip bins to dispose of your plastic, garden waste, wood, timber, computer wastes, saw shavings, etc.

Jumbo Sizes Skips

They are available in sizes 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 cubic meters. Jumbo-sized skips are ideal for bulky projects like demolition and relocation of a commodity. These types of skips are hired by the office or home clearance, due to the variety of wastes they deal with like garden waste materials, furniture, timbers, etc.

Skip bins play an imperative role when you are about to undergo a renovation project or a construction project. This is because they not only save your time and effort which you would otherwise need to dispose of the related waste but also help you with proper disposal of waste.

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