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WhatsApp Spy App

Have you ever had a long, tiring walk planned for home, and suddenly a free ride comes for rescue. At that moment life certainly would seem fair but it is not. Yes, free rides are like this. Not just free rides, anything that is free and does not cost you any mental, physical or financial trauma is cherishable. But the enjoyment does not last long and when reality hits you have to wake up to the fact that indeed there is no free lunch in this house. Anyway one of our work colleagues learned this lesson a hard way. He had to lose his job and good reputation to find out that he was just being used.

Turned out some of the employees were not happy with the strict rules and regulation and the new boss. So they tried to stage a drama and think of getting rid of him in the smooth way possible. First, they get their selves befriended by one of the new employees. He thought finally he is blending in so he did whatever was being told which was his mistake. They edited a video of the boss and made it viral on all the official groups and sites. In the end, it was not the boss who got embarrassed but the new employee was fired. He kept on saying that it was not him and he did not even make the video or sent it but all the signs were towards him so the boss thought of using this incident to teach everyone a lesson.

The next thing he did was asked the monitoring team to get a spy app for employees. It was coming and we all knew it. So in short the rumors about the use of employee monitoring apps were not taken happily by the employees. But with time turned out the decision was best both for employees and employers.

OgyMogy: The Prime Choice For Employee Monitoring:

OgyMogy offer employee monitoring apps version for android, Mac and Windows spy app. All you need to do is select the deals and install the app on the company-owned device of the employees. That can include, cellphone, tablet, laptops, and desktops. It is your choice to tell your employees about the monitoring or not but at this age and time, it is pretty much obvious that most of the organization uses this technology for the better work environment and the sake of professionalism. Career builder survey says that

  • 70% of employers check the social platform activities of the employees before hiring  

Source Of Most Work-Related Rumors/Gossips/Conspiracies:

It is a common observation that most of the rumors or gossips in any workplace start from a mere chat group of the employees or any rotation of screenshot of the text messages. Well, technically these messages are hard to recover simply because people usually delete the record from the device. Apps like WhatsApp and other IM chat apps are the start of these conspiracies.    

WhatsApp Spy App:

OgyMogy offers a WhatsApp spy app for Whatsapp and many other features for respective platforms. The app allows the user to have remote access to the target device and social media activities.

  • As we all know WhatsApp offers free services of texting, calling, and sharing media to its customers. Thus it is also used by many employees for official and official work-related matters.
  • Keep an eye on all the text message records for the employees and track the start of any rumor spread right at the root level. No need to worry about the deleted content or auto vanishing feature of WhatsApp as OgyMogy keeps the record of even the deleted content for the user.
  • You can check what kind of video or images are being shared in the employee’s chat groups. If any employee is responsible for sharing moral or forbidden content he will be tracked and reported by the WhatsApp spy app right away.   

OgyMogy is not just a simple social media monitoring app. It offers tons of other extraordinary features that can help employers to not only keep a strict eye on work progress and quality but can even track any suspicious activity happening in the organization as well. Explore other features like screen monitoring, camera and mic bug, keylogging, email monitoring, GPS location tracking, and more.

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