Traveling With Senior? Hotel Checklist For A Comfortable And Fuss-Free Stay

Traveling With Senior

Who says traveling is only for younger adults? Our senior moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpops would love to see new, fascinating sights too — even if it’s just a quick, 24-hour escape from their everyday routines and sceneries. 

Many boomers still have some wanderlust left in them, plus good health that’s enough to take them to places they’ve always wanted to see. While they’re not as quick and energetic as they were back in the olden days, they’d love to be treated to a fun vacation and stay in a nice, cozy hotel. 

But just like traveling with toddlers and/or pregnant women, you need to make a few special considerations when traveling with seniors. Certain adjustments, like picking wheelchair-accessible places and properties with ramps and elevators, can make your trip comfortable for your elderly loved one. Let’s start with one of the crucial aspects of your trip: the accommodation. 

We provide a checklist you may consider when choosing the right hotel for your family trip with your elderly loved one.

1. Ground floor rooms

Who wants to see a lovely Kilkenny Castle from the 18th floor of a Kilkenny hotel if their 67-year-old mom finds it difficult to travel back and forth from their hotel room to the banquet? Make your family trip extra convenient for your senior family members by requesting a room in the lower levels and is close to entrances. 

2. Elevators

hotel elevator

Not all hotels have elevators. Some smaller properties with fewer rooms have fewer levels so they only have stairs. That being the case, call the hotel directly to confirm whether or not they have elevators, as this information may not be disclosed on their website and booking site profile. 

3. Attractions, restaurants, and shops nearby

elderly travel

Hotels that are a couple of minutes away from tourist attractions, dining places, and shopping centers are ideal for senior travelers. Elderly folks require frequent break times. They may get tired easily and demand to go back to the hotel to take a nap. Having your hotel located in closer proximity can help reduce the stress and exhaustion associated with day trips. 

4. Healthy options for the elderly 

family eating

Bacon, eggs, and waffles for breakfast, cheese-filled, carb-loaded plates of pasta and pizza for lunch, and juicy, saucy ribs and burgers for dinner — these may sound like heaven to you, but not for your elderly loved ones with lots of diet restrictions. 

Choose hotels with a special menu for the elderly. Not just bland salads and soups — we’re talking about real, delicious meals that are made to be low in carbs, sodium, sugar, and fat. 

5. Spacious rooms with private bathrooms

hotel room

Elderly folks need a spacious hotel to move around. It’s a must especially if they use a wheelchair or cane for mobility. They also prefer minimal furniture. They only need the essentials, like a comfortable bed with high-quality mattresses and bedding, perhaps a couch or chair and desk, and an in-room bathroom. 

6. Noise-free surroundings 

Seniors are sensitive to loud noises. With this, ask if you can book a room in a peaceful alley that’s away from the noises of the restaurant, pool area, or children’s playground. Ask about any on-going renovations or nearby construction sites which can cause noises. 

Another suggestion is to book accommodation in a quieter location surrounded by natural landscapes, rather than a hotel in the middle of a bustling city or business district. 

7. No-frills amenities

relaxing amenities

Senior travelers prefer straightforward hotels with fewer, less elaborate amenities. Considering the fact that your trip is short and most of the day will be spent out, they won’t probably care whether or not the hotel has a giant pool with a view, jacuzzi, game room, rooftop bar, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. 

A simple, open lounge area with fresh air and stunning views for their morning and afternoon break would suffice. Perhaps a spa and wellness center, offering a soothing massage at the end of the long day would also excite them.

8. Discounts

Take advantage of your senior’s discounts and let them enjoy the privilege. Next to discounts on the hotel room rate, see if they can get discounts for their meals, transportation, museums, and tours. 

9. Medical emergencies 

Is the hotel equipped with medical provisions in case of any emergencies? Can they provide a shuttle service to the nearest medical center or have an ambulance sent immediately? It’s always good to come prepared for these unfortunate events. 

Age shouldn’t be a hindrance. If you’re planning to travel with an elderly loved one, make your family trip comfortable and memorable for them by choosing the right hotel accommodation.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a travel and lifestyle writer. Aside from taking vibrant street photos, you can find her writing articles about travel, food, and lifestyle.

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