Top Things To Do in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the Dominican Republic’s capital and one of the largest towns in the Caribbean. It is a World Heritage Site, with many museums, arts, entertainment, and the most famous restaurants in the region. The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo has become the most exciting draw of the area for visitors.

The old town is a beautiful blend of Dominican culture and urban life. The listed attractions are all within the Colonial Zone. The place is tiny and convenient to visit on foot, but you can spend several days sightseeing and getting the experience soaked with too much to see.

In Santo Domingo, there are lots of things to do! If you’ve completed your spirit airlines reservations, see what’s going on in town. With over one million residents, you’ll come across Dominicans from all walks of life, from anglers to political officials to preppy poppies. So if in Santo Domingo you dream about what to do… Ok, in this lively capital, there is a little bit of something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the best stuff to do in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, without further ado.

La Zona Colonial

If you have time in Santo Domingo, make this your priority. The Colonial Zone is the town’s historic colonial center. There are so many things to do and experience here that you might enjoy days here. This is also the best venue for sporting, social and artistic activities, galleries, theatres, nightlife, and fashionable restaurants in the Dominican Republic.


Dominican actors/writers perform in 15 minutes in Microteatro Santo Domingo on local Dominicans’ lives and history. The area is in a lovely colonial house and has an outdoor courtyard to eat and drink. This is one of the most excellent places to go out with friends or relatives in Santo Domingo. 

El Museo de la Resistencia

Visiting this museum is an excellent means of learning about the history you surround, making your journey more contextual and supportive. The museum is brimming with artwork, animations, text, and photos, among other things. Among galleries, there is also a lovely outdoor colonial courtyard. Best Places to Visit in Bodrum

Three Eyes National Park

The Three Eyes National Park of the Dominican Republic is a Nature Reserve and an open-air carbonaceous cave system with several transparent crystal lakes called the “eyes.” These breathtaking open-water caves, alongside a guided tour, provide further insight into the Dominican Republic’s pre-colonial and ancestral origins.

Mamey Libreria

A spotlight if you’re looking for a bit of it all in one spot. Mamey Liberia provides an art museum, a library of excellent books on the Dominicans, an on-the-job theatre, and a bar where you can buy drinks and snacks.

Larimar Museum

This museum of larimar is tiny but very fascinating and enjoyable to walk in. Larimar is one of the rarest semi-precious stones globally, exclusive to the Dominican Republic and located only in one mine in the Barahona Province. It is pale cyan blue and blends well with the sea on its shores.

Enjoy a rare blending of Chinese and Dominican cultures

Each Sunday, there is a big outdoor market with farmers and street vendors from China and Mexican countries selling tasty local produce, drinks, and crops. Chinese fruits and vegetables, which are mostly seldom seen in the Dominican Republic, can be found. It is an exciting meeting of two very different cultures. In addition, if you are hungry or want to buy specialty Asian foods, you can get into several shops and restaurants.

Parque Mirador Sur

This is the place to be on a weekend morning if you live a healthy lifestyle. This lovely park also has a free outdoor fitness center, and fresh coconut water stands if you need hydration over the park after a long run.

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