Top SMS Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Business 2021

SMS marketing

Ecommerce is expanding at a breakneck pace. Ecommerce sales totaled $3.5 trillion in 2019 and are predicted to reach $4.9 trillion by 2021. While email marketing has long been the preferred method of communication for ecommerce marketers, SMS marketing is gaining traction.

Why? Since it has a greater ability to penetrate noise than any other channel.

Imagine that your company’s marketing materials received a 98 percent read rate within five minutes of being sent — all without requiring an internet connection. SMS can assist you in accomplishing this.

SMS allows you to take advantage of micro-moments. When someone naturally looks at the phone, your message is there. If someone has push notifications turned on, your message will prompt them to check it out.

Many modern smartphone users are conditioned to respond instinctively to those dings and vibrations; it feels like ordinary communication. Do you have any idea how it doesn’t feel? Because the message is delivered in bite-sized chunks, it is referred to as advertising.

Anytime and wherever SMS marketing may deliver a near-perfect engagement score. This is because customers are more connected than ever before; on average, they pick up their phones 58 times every day. It’s something we’re all guilty of.

SMS, which works well with other channels like email, allows you to contact consumers at the right time and guide them through your sales funnel with seamless interactions.

What is SMS Marketing?

The act of providing promotional goods by text message is referred to as SMS marketing. If you send an SMS to your subscriber list that says, “BOGO in store just today!” SMS marketing says, “Come grab your savings.”

SMS marketing is primarily a method for communicating offers and other information to existing consumers who have agreed to receive text messages from you.

Why Use SMS as a Marketing Tool?

Getting your item in front of your target audience is one of today’s biggest marketing difficulties. Our inboxes are overloaded with information, and ads are so ubiquitous on our social media accounts that we scarcely see them. This is when SMS comes into play.

Millennials always have their phones.

SMS may be an effective marketing strategy for any age group. Still, it’s especially effective when targeting Millennials and Generation Z. Nearly 80% of persons aged 19 to 45 have their mobile phones with them 22 hours a day, more than five years earlier — we’re betting folks didn’t shower with their phones.

Young adults and Millennials today may not remember a period when smartphones were not a part of their daily life. For these generations, phones are more than just communication devices. They are each other’s extensions.

People open text faster than emails:

When compared to email, people are more inclined to open text messages and open them faster. According to Gartner, SMS texts have a 98 percent average open rate, whereas email has a 20 percent average open rate. It takes a minimum of 90 minutes or more for someone to open and respond to an email. The standard response time for SMS messages is 90 seconds.

Rewards of Using SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing can yield substantial results, such as improved engagement, conversions, and sales and revenues. Here are eight reasons why text message marketing should be included in your campaigns.

Get a higher open rate than emails:

The statistics from Gartner, which indicates a 98 percent average SMS open rate, prove the efficacy of this marketing medium. More openings imply the possibility of more conversions, which boosts the return on your investment.

Achieve a higher ROI with spend:

The overall cost of SMS marketing is determined by the number of messages you wish to send and the service provider you choose. However, for thousands of text messages, normal monthly fees range between $30 to a couple of hundred dollars. And, because 98 percent of those messages are opened, you can contact each customer for pennies or less – which is a really good deal.

Target Your audience on Mobile devices:

As of 2019, mobile devices accounted for half or more of all internet usage, making mobile-friendly marketing essential for firms. Because SMS messages are designed to be read on mobile screens, they make it simple.

SMS Marketing eCommerce best practices:

These are some of the SMS marketing tactics by ghostwriting services.

Get Permission and Keep it:

Don’t bother folks with spam. It’s unwelcome and damaging to your brand, and it could land you with legal problems. Instead, request permission to send SMS text messages on a limited basis.

Then, deliver pertinent, essential messages to respect the customers’ time and potential text charges. This makes users less likely to unsubscribe from your messages.

Use an SMS Marketing Tool:

Do you have any idea what isn’t practical or cost-effective? On your phone, texting a hundred SMS messages — or even just one and adding your entire customer group to it. Furthermore, this can result in major privacy and compliance difficulties.

Use an SMS marketing solution instead, which allows you to manage your lists and deliver messages from your computer or mobile device. Look for software that can help you maintain list compliance, track who has opened or responded to your messages, and schedule them.

Add value to your customer:

Make sure you have something valuable to contribute when you reach out, such as:

  • A one-of-a-kind sales offer, especially if it’s only available to your SMS subscribers.
  • A limited-time offer, such as BOGO for the remainder of the day on products you need to get rid of.
  • Clients who might want to participate in an event will need this information.
  • New product or service introductions, especially if you’re offering your SMS list first dibs.

Keep it sweet, short, and to the point:

Make your statement as brief as possible. These messages are being read on little screens by people.

Sending a series of SMS is not a good idea. Remember that many individuals still pay a premium for text messages, so sending three texts to say the same thing will irritate them.

Personalize your SMS Marketing Campaign:

Simultaneously, make sure you’re speaking in your brand voice wherever possible, and put in the effort to personalize your communications.

You can accomplish it by making sectioned lists and texting groups about the topics that they are most interested in. When possible, use data automation to include people’s names in their messages.

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