Top Places To Visit in Manchester

Visit in Manchester

Manchester has been widely known for its art, media, and education. Along with that, Manchester is a heaven for all football fans. The city, along with Salford and other eight municipalities, forms the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester. The city is also famous for its music and architecture, a combination of Victorian, Edwardian, and Medieval periods.  If you are interested in visiting Manchester, you must check out the American Airlines Booking and get the best deals on your flight tickets. We have also mentioned some of the top places one can visit in Manchester to save you from all the research work. Let’s have a look. 


If you are visiting Manchester for the first time, Castlefield is the right place to start your trip with. Take a walk along the old canals by the Victorian buildings, and Roman Fort is worth your time. One of the main attractions of Castlefield is Bridgewater Canal which the Romans once used to transport coal from the mines. In Castlefield, other places to explore are Bridgewater Hall, Castlefield Art Gallery, and Castlefield Bowl for some pop music and concerts. 

Science and Industry Museum

If you are someone who is interested in scientific discoveries and industrial artifacts, the Science and Industry Museum is the perfect place for you. The museum has a huge collection of Manchester’s history. You will even get to see luxury cars built in Manchester in the early 1900s, including 1904 Rolls Royce. You will even find historical documentation of the great history of Manchester Industries. The main highlight of the museum is its Air and Space Gallery. 

Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery holds the largest art collection in Britain after London. Here you will see the artworks of many English, German, and French artists, including Stubbs, Max Ernst., and Manet. Other than the artworks, the gallery also has a collection of sculptures. These sculptures are from the exhibitions of Jacob Epstein, Rodin, and Moore. 

John Rylands Library

John Rylands Library is one of the few architectural representations left of the Victorian Gothic Style. This library is a dream place for all book lovers. There are more than 4 billion printed manuscripts and books and 50,000 electronic books. Enriqueta Rylands initiated the library in 1900 in the loving memory of her spouse, John Rylands. The library is now a part of the University of Manchester Library. 

Imperial War Museum North

Imperial War Museum North, also goes by the name IWM North, is for the people who are into war artifacts. It was established in 2002 to keep the history of the wars alive that Manchester has fought since 1914. Imperial War Museum North is one of the five branches of Imperial War Museums that exists in Britain, and this branch has around 1,500 historical war objects and documents. You will also see the very first gun that Britain used to fight the first WWII. 

People’s History Museum

The People’s History Museum was established specially to conserve and collect the history of the working class of Britain. The museum holds a huge collection of artifacts and documents of trade unions and women suffrage. The museum is situated in an old pumping station, and it holds the history of Britain’s struggle for Democracy. The museum has different galleries depicting different eras and stories. 

National Football Museum

How can you even not think of not visiting the National Football Museum when you are in Manchester. The city is home to two of the most famous football teams Manchester United and Manchester City. The collection is completely dedicated to football. It includes the first rulebook, trophies the teams have won, and the jerseys of the famous players of the teams. You can also enjoy short films and documentaries about the teams and the sport. You can also visit the stadiums of both teams.

Manchester Cathedral

If you are someone who likes to get a closer look at the cultural and religious beliefs of a place, then you should visit Manchester Cathedral. The cathedral was initially the cathedral and church of St. Mary, St. George, and St. Deny. It got developed into the ManchesterCathedral in 1847. The main attractions of the cathedral are the two chapels: St. John Chapel and Little Lady Chapel, on both ends of the building. The choir stalls are beautifully decorated all the time, and the cathedral has unique paintings of Jesus Christ. 

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