Top Five Tips To Register Your Business Name In UK

Register Your Business Name

Starting a business can be simple. However, maintaining it and prospecting expansion requires you to follow appropriate procedures and government directives in managing businesses. One of the rules is to register your business. You can write it as a sole proprietor or a limited company. The choice is yours according to your needs and availability of the requirements.

A business name and a Virtual Office London address solutions are critical among business registration requirements. Whether you are a company or sole trader, you need a name to run the business. Picking up a name may be easy until you find that someone else owns it when you want to register. There are many things to do before you get the most appropriate name for your company.

Follow these top five tips to find and register a business name in the UK.

1. Pick Unconfining Names


You understand that it is not easy to find a unique name because many businesses storm up everywhere. You may want to have at least three options when going for a name search and registration. In case your first pick is taken, you can try another until you get one that can go with your business.

The name you pick should not limit your business’ potential to expand. For instance, if you are trading in computers, you may not want to register “Drake’s Computers” as a business name. Firstly, when you want to sell other types of electronics or computer solutions, you may be forced to drop the name and register another.

The second reason for finding an appropriate name is branding and trademarking. You understand that you cannot protect your name as a trademark if it is a general term or a personal name. Pick a name that brings in all the opportunities to protect your brand and give room for expansion.

2. Make it Unique and Memorable

Your employees and consumers should learn your name fast and memorize it to associate your business when they hear the word. However, it would be best if you also tried to make it unique, nothing like the obvious “other names” everyone knows. It is for this reason that Trademarks do not protect descriptive names like “Toms’s Pencils.”

While fancy names like Google and Amazon are great for business, they will require a lot of work in branding to get them popular among your customers. However, once you get your unique name known among people, it becomes a giant in the industry as its mention brings a complete picture of your business to listeners.

3. Carry Out a Trademark Search

Trademarking your business is essential. There are many benefits of having a trademark for your business. Protected brands dominate the market because nobody can sell the same products using your business name. Without trademark registration, your name is unprotected, and customers have no way to distinguish your products and copycats in the market.

Although you need to register your business name before the trademark, you should first find out if the name you want has already been reserved. Once you find that the name is available, you can proceed to registration and put it into use immediately. Your trademark can only go through if your business name has been in use for some time.

4. Find a Matching Domain Name

Currently, you may not be thinking about building a business website. All you want is to register your company name and continue business as usual. Business cannot be usual when you do not protect your future. At some point, you will need a website and professional email addresses to handle customer inquiries and orders.

You should search for and register the domain that matches your business name. Generally, people associate the .com TLD with established businesses. If you do not secure your domain, someone will register it when your business begins to get popular, and they will sell it to you at a higher price.

5. Avoid Hard-to-Read Names

business Name

Sometimes, you may consider initializing your name and using the acronym as your business name. That would be a great way to create a unique business name. Unfortunately, not everyone’s name can create an awesome acronym that can run well in business. Some acronyms can make words with negative meanings and can ruin your market.

When using your initials and syllables to form a business name, make sure it is easy to read. For instance, if you are John Smith Newton, you can create JOSNE as a brand name. Using the same number of letters from each word (JOSMNE) will make the word unreadable and hard to grasp. Omitting one letter or adding a vowel can improve a word’s pronunciation, making it easy to read and spell.

Final Thought

Registering a business is a straightforward process when you have all the required documents ready. You should know that your business name is critical, and what you choose to register defines your business’s success. Instead of throwing any name that comes into mind, you should consider your investment’s future and protect it when picking your brand name.

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