Top Destinations Of India That Economically Fits for Every Tourist


Tour is always a preferred option for every person. People love to plan their tours to the most amazing and popular tourist spots in India. There are few beautiful tourist destinations that people can explore during their holiday and weekends also. These places are offering you the cheapest and affordable outing to enjoy the most.

India is having various tourist spot that you can explore with family and friends. There are number of tourist destinations are available that you can visit. These places are offering you number of adventures, unique places and thrilling activities. The destinations available here are offering you complete tour at best price.

You can easily explore these beautiful places at cheapest and affordable price. Check out the destinations here and make this holiday special. You definitely enjoy each and every moment here with loved ones. Even these places are perfect spot for honeymooners and newlyweds also.


Jaipur is one of the beautiful city in Rajasthan. It is also popular as pink city. Recently, this place is listed in the world heritages destinations. The entire location is offering you beautiful scenario of historical heritages. People come to visit this destination from all over world. Some popular tourist spots here are Hawamahal, Jalmahal, Amber fort, Nahargarh and Jaigarh fort. Even one can spend their enough time at this destination. Plan here to enjoy each and every moment with exploring historical spots of India. You can also plan shopping in Jaipur for traditional cloths, arts and craft.


You can plan tour to Delhi, if you love to explore historical places. Here one can explore various buildings those are popular from the time of British. Delhi is popular destination for tourist because it is accessible from all cities of India. One can plan here with flight, bus, trains and any other preferred transportation directly. Here you can visit red fort, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, India Gate and etc. One can spend their quality time here with these popular locations of Delhi. Tourist are love to plan photo-shoot at these beautiful places.


Spend your holiday or weekend to a beautiful Indian destination and explore unique places of the world. Agra is one of the popular tourist spot all over the world. People come here to visit Taj Mahal that is popular and unique in the entire world. This is the perfect location for your photo shoot. You can take here tones of pictures and make every moment memorable. Red Fort is another historical place to visit in Agra. Most of the people are planning their tour to Red Fort after exploring Taj Mahal. This is the perfect destination for your family tour.


People who love to explore hills and mountains can go to Shimla for their tour. This place is summer capital of India during British session. The entire destination is enclosed with high mountains and hills. Even you can visit here snow-capped mountains during winters. One can plan their tour to this beautiful destination to enjoy amazing adventures. Due to situated on foothills of Himalayas, you can plan here various adventures. One can also explore here lush greenery, wildlife, rivers and waterfalls. Enjoy your free time with the unique and unusual destinations of India.


Manali is most popular place for adventures and thrilling activities. The entire tourist spot is situated on foothills of Himalayas. You can explore the same during the trip to Himachal Pradesh in North India. Make this weekend even more special and enjoying with including you family into this tour. The entire landscape is perfect for every tourist. Here one can explore historical, tourist, adventurous, wildlife and religious places. Overall the entire destination is offering you amazing experiences. Honeymooners and newlyweds are loves to plan their honeymoon here. There are some romantic places also for couples.


Visit an amazing tourist destination of India with Udaipur tour. People also use the word “City of Lakes” for Udaipur. Here you can visit number of lakes and enjoy various water sports. You can plan boating in Pichola lake, that is one of the popular lake here. One can plan number of adventures activities also at this destination. The entire tourist location is enclosed with natural beauty and pleasant environment. You can feel here a refreshing surrounding. Tourists are planning here to relax itself from daily busy schedule. You can plan here with family, friends and group also.


Explore high ranges of mountains and hills around you during the trip of Nainital. This is the most popular tourist destination in North India. This place is ideal place for honeymoon couples and newlyweds. But tourist can also enjoy the beautiful surrounding here. The entire location is enclosed with lush greenery, rivers and high mountains. One can enjoy their free time here with their loved ones. Some adventures activities are also available here for tourist. Most of them are related to mountains and hills. You can plan here trekking, mountaineering, climbing and etc.


Kerala is popular as God’s own country. The destination is completely blessed by God for its beautiful nature and pleasant environment. Planning trip to Kerala with loved ones is offering you peace and happiness. The entire location is enclosed with natural things. You can visit here backwaters, mountains, hills, lush greenery and wildlife sanctuaries. Also here you can enjoy number of festivals and cultural events. This place is perfect spot for all. Here one can plan group tour, adventurous tour, couple tour and religious tour also. You can also plan some adventures activities also during travelling to Kerala.


Goa is popular tourist spot to enjoy beautiful beaches and spend quality time. Most of people are planning to Goa to relax. Here you can visit beautiful sunrise and sunset. Also you can spend your whole day with watching the sea. You can plan for some water sports and group activities like bonfire in night.

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