Top Benefits of Intercom System in Business

intercom system in business

Intercoms have existed since the last 120 years and all through, they have undergone rapid transformation. From being restricted within the four walls of your household and offices, today intercoms come with built-in cameras (yes, just like mobile phones) and are easily integrated with your smartphone devices. Today, intercoms serve as an integral part of your security system just like your CCTV. 

When you are investing in your business, you want it to be safe and secure. Right? In such a scenario, investing in an intercom system is a wise decision especially today when they come in modern designs aided with the latest technologies. And if you are thinking of installing an intercom at your house, too, well, the benefits are endless. In this article, we will list the advantages of setting up an intercom system at your workplace or in your house. Remember, this is not 1894 when intercoms came in operation. We are in the 21st century where intercoms come in sleek designs with passcodes. So, let’s understand the benefits of an intercom system in business. 

Increased security 

We all want our offices and homes to be secured and safe. Thanks to modern-day technology, the intercom system integrates the front door and speakers. Today, intercoms come with video and audio technology. So, people in your business can communicate without having the need to open the door. Also, you can screen the individual entering your office premise or house, thanks to the audio and video integration. In fact, the boss can check on different parts of the office without much effort. Also, he can directly speak to the visitor and ask him to introduce himself without feeling the need to open the door. The visitor can ask back and if the boss seems pleased with the reply, only then he allows the visitor to enter. So, uninterrupted entry is not allowed. These days, intercoms are integrated with CCTV (closed circuit television cameras) to improve the security system of the office premises. 

Easy communication 

The main task of an intercom is to help communication.  It was invented for this task. Intercom speakers, if placed strategically, in an office building, can help in circulating the important announcement faster. Also, an intercom makes it real quick to place an individual when he/she is missing. Don’t you find intercom speakers in the airports and railway stations?  The modern-day intercoms help in communicating the messages clearly without any echo and noise. 

Having control 

Gone are those days where you need to doll out key cards to almost every employee to allow or deny access. Using an intercom has made the job easy, cost efficient and highly secured. Imagine you want to give access to only a selected few employees to a certain area. This is where the intercom comes into play. You must have seen this type of security access in both private and office buildings. In fact, these days, parking lots have started using a similar method to give access to authorize visitors and employees. 

Easy installation and management  

Imagine the struggle one had to go through to install the traditional analog video intercom. Cut to 2021 and modern-day intercom systems are easy to install and manage. Only a single network cable is needed to manage all the wiring. Also, the management of the intercom system is fast and easy. 

Integration with smartphone 

You want to see parts of your office or your home connected with an intercom on your smartphone device. Don’t worry. Today’s intercoms come with smartphone integration and can be controlled and connected with smartphones. So, you can keep an eye on what your office employees or your kids are upto. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet. 


Smart intercom systems today come with cameras. So, you know who is outside your door when you are busy with your laptop or wants to set up a meeting with you. The modern-day intercoms also can integrate with the door locks. Imagine a situation where you want to lock your door when you notice it’s unlocked. Well, you can do so. With smart intercom systems, safety and surveillance have never been this easy. 

It clearly shows that an advanced intercom system can heighten the level of security of your company. It creates a smooth workflow process and helps in easy communication.  So, don’t wait further and set up an intercom system in your business. If you are in the Middle and GCC region, the team at Dutco Tennant LLC is exactly what you are looking for. They think about customer needs and provide solutions with the help of the latest technology.

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