Top 7 Places To Travel in Graz


If you are looking for an amazing holiday destination, then read this article. Today, we will share some of the happening places of Graz, which is the capital city of Styria. This city is famous for the development of automobile and production center and for its local cuisines, its rich culture, and many more.

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The Old Town is here in the city since 1999 and is considered the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area gives extravagantly picturesque with its lively atmosphere. The building speaks out the archetypal Austrian of the medieval city. Enjoy while strolling around the cobblestone streets, which is traditionally lined by red-roofed old buildings. Tour to this place will bring you many must-visit places like the famous Baroque church spires, which is undoubtedly the most stunning spot. So have a tour of this place and witness its adorable finest beauty and make sure you arrange the pre-tickets before reaching the site.

The Old Town

The Main Square

It is the must-see attraction which lies in the heart of the city. It is here since the 12 century. This area preserves the old tradition of the city. There is a trapezoidal market square in the center, which is the center of the city also. This pulsates with the shoppers and commuters the whole day. There are many posh venues for hosting festivals and events. You can come to this place for shopping purposes and exploring the great old traditions of the city.

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The City Hall

This famous tourist spot is located on the southern end of the main square of the city. This hall exhibits the history that how Graz has ruled over the centuries. This stunning building was completed in 1893 and included two earlier city halls designed by Wielemans and Reuter. Visit this place to explore the four sculptures which are dedicated to art, science, commerce. This place is worth watchable if you are a history enthusiast.

Graz Cathedral

This cathedral was built in the mid-15th century and is the best thing to see in Graz. It is for Emperor Frederick III and a former castle church. The west portal houses the coat of arms of the Emperor and the AEIOU. Have a tour of this place to see the stunning architecture of this huge building reflecting the very old concept of the city. 

The Eggenberg Palace

This historic palace is the most impressive place in the city, built for the Eggenbergs, who became the famous financiers in Graz. Located in a large park, this place has four wings. It has a huge structure surrounded by a large court and arched arcades. Here the two smaller courts are separated by the palace church. A gorgeous structure you will find is the arcaded courtyard.

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Go Up the Schlossberg

This site was built in 1809 by the Schlossberg and is spread in a 473-meter wooded hill area. From this top, we can have a look at the Old Town. This hill is the site of the fortress where Graz was founded. This place used to be the key to the defenses of the city during the Middle Ages. But against Napoleon’s armies, it was destroyed entirely in the end. But the clock tower and the bell tower were spared. This is one of the most popular sights in Graz, so don’t miss out on this tour. You can reach the top of Schlossberg by taking some 260 steps on the stony staircase zigzags for the Schlossberg. Else you take the elevator.

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