Top 6 Tips To Help Grow Your Career During The COVID Crisis

Grow Your Career

The world has seen a great shift in the employment scenario during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many big companies had to lay off their staff in bulk due to the economic downturn. A  lot of companies had to take measures to stiffen their budget, halting pay, promotions, and hiring processes to sustain the great pandemic. As the world is slowly returning to normalcy, some people are still struggling to regain their employment status.

If you are someone who is looking for ways to boost your career, here are some tips-

Fix your goal-

 There might be many things you are good at and want to pursue. Setting up one goal and focusing on it can be a confusing decision if you have a lot on your plate. But lack of a fixed goal and purpose can make you lose focus. Any form of indecisiveness and confusion in setting up your goal will make you wander aimlessly in different places. You will get entangled in a loop of desires without being able to focus on one activity. If you are facing a problem in deciding upon a goal,  do a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) analysis of yourself. Write down your strengths, skills, passions, weaknesses, and try to analyze yourself. This method can help you identify your suitability for a jobs in Harlingen TX or any kind of work.

Update your Linkedin profile-

If you are someone looking for job opportunities, Linkedin is the perfect platform for you. It is the biggest hub for networking and landing opportunities.  Your profile is a reflection of your work and skills. Recruiters will go through your profile before deciding to work with you. Make sure to highlight important areas of your strength and skills and write short and accurate descriptions of your work. You can also optimize your profile by writing SEO-friendly descriptions about you and your work to gain visibility on the platform. Endorsements and certifications will boost your credibility making recruiters more likely to notice and approach you.

Use social media actively-

Not only Linkedin but all other social media platforms are useful for making a strong impression on prospects. Social media is a powerful marketing and networking tool. If you know how to use it correctly, you are sure to reach your goals. Many people have shifted to selling their skills and marketing themselves online during the COVID 19 pandemic. From vlogging, making TikTok, to selling art and crafts, people have recognized the power of social media to provide employment opportunities. All the major social media sites have also taken steps to give a scope to monetize your activities.  You are sure to get the success you deserve if you work with dedication and a strategy.

Be flexible-

One of the important reasons for people not being able to sustain a quality job is the lack of flexibility and experiment. Your company will not care about investing in you if you cannot upgrade your productivity and creativity level. With competitions up to the neck, you have to learn to accommodate yourself according to the needs of your employer, clients, or audience. Never be afraid to explore new areas for the fear of rejection.  The more you are ready to explore, the broader will be your area of opportunities and chances of success.

Be tech-savvy-

We all know the importance of technology in our lives. Especially, after the pandemic, most of our works have shifted online. If we don’t update ourselves with the latest technology, there will be a minimum chance of survival in this cutthroat competition. Being tech-savvy will give you an edge over other competitors. Manual work of labor is being replaced by technology gradually. It is essential to learn and update ourselves with new technologies to be able to sustain ourselves in the job market.


Networking is the process of identifying and communicating with prospects with a view to establishing a working relationship now or in the future. The most important step of networking is identifying potential targets which can be helpful to your career. Networking can be done both online and offline, with the online scope being broader. You don’t have to directly jump into business deals while networking. Take some time to introduce and familiarise yourself with each other by exchanging pleasantries and knowing about each other’s work. Engaging in casual conversations can sometimes open new scope of opportunities that you are otherwise unaware of. Make sure to do this activity to give your career a boost.

Final Thoughts-

Internet and technology have made it a lot easier to find jobs and employment. Gone are the days when people with only high educational degrees earn the highest. People can now earn millions even with a degree. All you need is a skill and a proper marketing strategy in the correct platform and you can expect to earn with no bounds. Hope these tips help you to re-strategize your activities to achieve the career of your dreams.  You can and will do it. All the best!

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