Top 5 Ways To Boost Your Blog’s Rank In Google

Boost Your Blog's Rank In Google

Hi Friends, Hope you all are fine. My exams are over now. So after so many days i am again with you a superb post. The Post is about the Ranking in Google. Every one want their blog in First pages of Google Search and want to Boost their rank in Google But competition is too much hard. But it is not impossible to boost your rank. You can achieve your goal by doing some hard work. As you know that Hard Work is Key to Success. So without hard work you are useless. Every thing in this world need Hard work. And After some hard work people get better results and they also earn a lot of money from their blogs Via Adsense or other networks.

Getting friendly with Google is not easy as i said above. But you can be friendly with them by doing following some tips. When you become friendly with Google then you will receive a massive amount of traffic daily. So boosting your blog’s rank in Google is possible by following some ways. Below i have discussed different ways for Boosting your blog’s rank in Google.

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1. Ways To Boost Your Rank In Google

Their are different ways from which you can boost your Rank in google But here i discussed the main Ways by which your blog will surely get a high rank in Google.

2. Write Unique And Lengthy Posts:

Google loves unique and long posts. Writing long articles is not too much important but your words contain importance whether your article is about 500 words. If your visitors love the post and visit it again and again then Google will Surely Automatically Rank that post in First Pages of Google. Lengthy Posts also impart a great effect on your blog’s rank. But your content must be unique and pure. So, always write Unique, Pure and Lengthy posts if you want higher rankings in Google.

3. Daily Update Your Blog:

By updating your blog daily, you will surely get high rankings in Google. Updating your blog means Publish a unique post daily. Offer some Paid PDFs to your visitors, so they stay with you. They will read your every daily post. If your content is unique then Google will take Pity on your blog. And Will deal your blog in Their First pages. So, Always Update your blog by writing unique and pure content.

4. Social Media Sharing:

Social Media sites like Facebook, twitter, pinterest are very crucial for ranking your blog in Google. These social media site have high Page Rank. So By sharing your posts on these Social Media sites will surely effect your blog’s ranking Positively. If you share every post of your blog on Facebook and other sites then this will be a Big Source of Getting Traffic and will Boost your blog’s rank in Google. So, always share your blog’s posts with Social Media sites in order to get high rankings in Google. Facebook Like Box widget will help you for social media traffic.

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5. Keyword Density:

It is very important for your blog’s ranking. You are not the first one who have a blog. Their is So much competition in the Market. Your keyword density must be up to 2%. So you will get better results in Google. Keyword Density explains your blog. It shows that on which Topic your blog or your post is. If you want to know more about keyword density Read This Post. So always take care of your keyword density if you want to convert your dream in to reality

6. Inserting Images In Post:

You can also get a surely High rank in Google. Images are very important for boosting you blog’s rank In Google. By inserting images in your blog will drive a massive amount of traffic from Google Images. Because a lot of people search for different pictures depending upon different niches. This is also a big source of getting traffic. So, always made your own built pictures in your post. And insert Alt Tags in your Images.

Final Words:

So mates in this post we discussed on different ways for boosting your blog’s rank in Search Engines like Google. By following all the above ways will surely rank your blog in Google First Pages. So friends, Boosting your blog’s rank in Google is not difficult job. It needs your some time, hard work and experience. Your comments will now tell me about the importance of my post. I am now waiting for your comments

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