Top 10 Advanced SEO Techniques you Should Gain in SEO Training Course


Every newcomer to SEO feels a chilling touch when they look into the Search Console and see all graphs and warnings, but they are easier than you think. Keeping this in mind, we present the top 10 advanced SEO techniques you should gain in SEO training course. These SEO techniques will increase your chances to rank higher, faster, and with even more energy.

Top 10 advanced SEO Techniques you should gain in SEO Training course
Top 10 advanced SEO Techniques you should gain in SEO Training course

1. Website indexing, auditing, and crawling

Google Search Console is an essential tool for SEO that measures performance and website’s search traffic. It constantly transforms with exciting features, dropped down to Legacy Tools and other new features. Search Console tools help in fixing issues and make a website shine in Google Search results.

2. Integration of reliable SEO reporting tools

It needs to link a Google Search Console account with Google Analytics. The tool will show some combined data chunks like in Analytics; you will receive queries stats from the Console: keywords, click-through rate, im781pressions and clicks, page views, sessions, and the bounce rate. These statistics help you choose your best keywords for optimisation.

3. Building SEO optimised landing pages

A landing page is a visitors’ website entryway in a Search Console. SEO landing pages optimisation focuses on your visitors’ intent. So you create specific pages targeting particular keywords matching visitors’ intent. The higher landing page on the SERP means more visitors will come to your website; it proves your SEO tactics’ validity.

4. SEO value tracking of landing pages

A landing page is where users perform practical actions like purchasing, subscription form filling, or sharing something. You need to set Goals from the Admin panel of your Analytics account, and it allows assigning the proper action to the URL of a landing page. It provides the breakdown and details by top-performing page and by source. 

5. Core Web Vitas for SEO health improvement

Loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability are the Core Web Vitals to join the various SEO ranking factors. These vitals seriously affect how a search engine ranks your pages based on user experience and the technical performance of your website. Running a website audit is necessary to benefit from the Core Web Vitas.

Advanced SEO Techniques

6. Mobile page speed optimisation

Mobile page speed has become an SEO benchmark these days because it influences the search optimisation ranking factors. You can test your pages by Google Mobile-Friendly Test; the test is available in your results page search box. You will paste it in your URL into the toolbar, switch over to the Search Console to locate this tool.

7. Chrome UX report data

Chrome UX Report is the Core Web Vitals insights source based upon BigQuery and Data Studio, where a user does not write a single SQL line for data extraction. The technique allows entering origins but not complete URLs, and the origin leads to the schema dashboard, where you can see all essential factors and fields.

8. Occupy more SERP space

At first thought, it looks funny — to search for something on Google and see something different every time. You should know that organic results keep shrinking at light speed, and we should learn how about going beyond organic. Everyone wants a top rank in Google SERP, and sitting on Google SERP top ensures more clicks—lots of clicks.

9. Treat videos like your content king

The content is the core of any website, and people love videos content because they are naturally eye-catching. Videos play a tremendous role in SEO and broader digital marketing strategy success. Studies say that web pages with videos have a significantly higher average time on site than those without videos. People daily watch around 1 billion hours of YouTube, which is the 2nd largest search engine, and it reflects more opportunities and challenges viewers’ attention competition. 

10. Refreshing “Google My Business” listing

We see different search results of the same query because of various elements, and the essential part is location. Further, Google vigorously updates its Google My Business (GMB) feature. So it’s no surprise that GMB accounts for 25% of local pack ranking factors. Further, you need to update GMB because some components help in high ranking and help secure your Google Maps presence.


Besides the above techniques, building a brand, Amazon presence, updating old posts, and creative link building is vital for your SEO. It will be ideal for learning everything about SEO and digital marketing as a whole if you join a specialist digital marketing training provider. The practical training you will gain from the provider on live projects will learn top 10 advanced SEO techniques you should gain in SEO Training course.

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