Things You Need to Know Before Buying Blackout Curtains

blackout curtains

Blackout Curtains are an element of the interior that is familiar to everyone, which hides you from prying eyes and serves as protection from the natural alarm clock – the sun. These elements can be perfectly combined with furniture to hide the flaws of the repair and create cosiness in the apartment. Therefore, while buying curtains, you need to take into account the height of the ceilings, the size and location of the windows, and the interior of the rooms themselves.

If your apartment is decorated in a classic style, it’s best to complement the interior with blackout curtains. Window decoration can be confusing even for seasoned home decorators. Where do you start when you have a huge variety of materials, fabrics, colours, sizes, accessories and equipment at your disposal?

The curtains shop in Singapore has all varieties of curtains and blinds that enhance the window decorations. Let’s start – privacy, light control, functionality and style. A careful study of these four elements will give direction to your project, and the rational combination will help you complete the necessary functional tasks, such as choosing the style of the room.

In the following guide, we discuss in detail the things you need to know before buying blackout curtains.

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What Do You Need To Know Before Buying Blackout Curtains?

  • Pay Attention to Light control
  • Choose Curtains That Keep you Warm
  • Determine the Season
  • Think About Privacy
  • Consider Functionality
  • Style

Wrapping Up!

What Do You Need To Know Before Buying Blackout Curtains?

Pay Attention to Light control

Glare suppression is necessary when someone is asleep during the daytime or watching television or when working at a desk near a window. Ultraviolet rays from bright sunlight will ruin fabrics, furnishings, and paintings in your home. Open sunlight can quickly render expensive upholstery and carpets unusable, and their fibres will eventually become brittle. Using window decoration, you can successfully control the luminous flux. Blackout fabrics are used in rooms where complete darkness is required. Such fabrics are made from several layers of various fabrics using special technologies. Of all the materials used, they are the most opaque.

Choose Curtains That Keep you Warm

For rooms with high ceilings and large windows, long gathered curtains are ideal. If the ceiling is low, it’s better to refuse lush draperies. Heavy, dense curtains will well complement a strict interior. But lovers of the country will need light and transparent curtains made of natural fabrics. Blue, grey and purple tones create a feeling of coolness. However, beige, yellow, red and terracotta create a warm environment. It’s known that vertical stripes will help to visually raise the ceiling, while horizontal stripes can make a narrow high room lower and more comfortable. It’s better to choose the colour of the curtains for the upholstery of furniture.

Determine the Season

The same window can be decorated in different ways depending on the season. Summer curtains are usually thin, airy cotton fabrics with a light pattern. They fade quickly in the sun, so they should be renewed more often. In the cold season, denser fabrics in warm colours are preferred. By the way, heavy curtains that don’t let in even a thin ray of the sun are a real find for those who like to lie in bed for a long time, especially if the bedroom windows face south or east.

Think About Privacy

For almost everyone, ensuring privacy is a top priority issue. When your dining room windows face the sidewalk, street corner, or mall, you also want privacy. To achieve this, you must choose a window design that assumes full opacity. Blackout curtains will also protect you from indiscreet glances. Straight curtains allow for privacy during the daytime. If you like straight curtains, use retractable blinds to provide them after dark.

Consider Functionality

Window decoration is virtually useless without an element of functionality. Equipment, space, and security needs need to be considered. There are window decoration solutions for almost any problem. Many modern window design solutions assume a stationary position of the curtains. It’s better to choose curtains that slide open and close easily. Long curtains can be an attractive pet toy and a potential hazard in a child’s room as they learn to walk. Perhaps the best solution is to use curtains that don’t reach the floor. The curtains that rise and fall from above and below will increase the functionality.


After all, you choose fabrics, colours and styles that add beauty and splendour to your room. Add flair to windows by echoing fabrics and colours used in other parts of your room. The unique touches you add to your window design reflect your personal style. You can use elements such as loops, various types of folds, pockets. Great variety of styles – Roman shades, Austrian shades, arched curtains, pleating, straight curtains. Whatever your window style preference, you can be sure that there are a myriad of options to meet your privacy, light control, functionality and style requirements.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned guide will help in buying the right blackout curtains. Make sure you’re buying these elements from a reputable and well-established manufacturer. However, before choosing blinds and curatains in Singapore, you need to collect as much information about the manufacturer, so you don’t find yourself in the wrong hands. Ignoring this step means compromising certain qualities.

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