Things To Know Before Getting Lip Filler Injections

Getting Lip Filler Injections

You might feel embarrassed about your small lip size or shape. While clicking pictures, you might not be able to smile comfortably, but that doesn’t mean you stop facing cameras. 

In the last few years, lip fillers injections have become a popular subject among people. Every second woman is undergoing this treatment to make their lips look plumper. 

Maybe you are thinking about undergoing Lip Filler in Canberra, but are you aware of its before and after-effects. If not, then this blog is for you.

In today’s blog, we have tried to mention things you must be aware of before getting Lip filler injections.

Lip Filler Injections

Lip injections or fillers are the types of injections for lips. It helps to restore the lost volume. Along with that, it improves the lip shape and gives a more smooth or hydrated appearance to your lips. 

These injections contain a kind of liquid that is injected into your lips. Some usual fillers contain a liquid similar to hyaluronic acid. Mainly, you can say, these injections are for balancing the upper and lower lips. 

With the help of these injections, you can get a picture-perfect face. If you feel conscious about clicking pictures, you can get this treatment from a laser clinic in Canberra that offers you plump lips. 

Things you should know before undergoing under-lip filler Injections!

1. Prepare before getting lip filler:

Without caring about the future circumstances, you must first get ready whether you actually need to change your lips or not. Well, what will be the after-treatment results totally depend on the doctors and your lips type? So, in case the outcomes are not up to your choice, you should not regret your decisions. You can ask your doctor if you need heavy or less different results. You should accept everything that you receive at last. 

2. They do not last forever:

If you think that after undergoing under lip filler injection, it will last forever, then you are probably wrong. 

The long duration of your lip filler depends on the type of injections you are using. However, these fillers do not last more than six months or a year. In the initial period, you will get much better results. But after some time, it will start fading. 

3. Requires minimal aftercare:

Once you go through this procedure, you will notice some swelling around your lips that does not last for more than two days. You can get back to your daily routine within two or three days. If there is redness or bruising, there’s no need to panic as it’s normal. However, for 24 hours, you should take some precautions. Avoid doing makeup or exercise. It’s better not to go out on a sunny day. 

4. Each Filler is different:

Well, if you think that these fillers only contain collage, then take this thing out of your head. Those days have gone by when you have limited options. Some of the fillers contain substances like hyaluronic acid that occur naturally in your skin. Which type of injection is more suitable for your skin type is up to your doctor. For best treatment, you can visit a skin cancer clinic in Canberra city.  

5. Never assume to have lips like Insta stars:

Many people get inspired by the stars who go through these treatments and expect the same results. Every person has a different physique and face type too. So, the thing is, you cannot get what you see. Maybe in search of getting better, you sometimes receive the worst. Therefore, it’s good that you do not ask your therapist for lips like Instagram models. 

6. Don’t panic if the results are not up to the mark:

If you do not get better results, be patient, as it will not take too long to get your actual lips back. You only need to wait for a few weeks, and within some time, everything will get normal as it was earlier. Getting irritated with dermal fillers is not any solution. If your filler is uneven, some additional products can help you with better results. 


So, these are the things that you should prepare for before getting lip filler injections. While undergoing these treatments, it’s better to consult a physician who has years of experience and must be an expert in their work. If you visit Lip Filler in Canberra, you will clearly see better results and after-effects.  

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