The Ultimate Lip Care Guide For Men & Women

Lip Care Guide

Guys out there! Although taking care of your lips may not be a ‘manly’ thing for you, it is crucial. Dry, chapped, or dark, lips can affect your personality and overall looks. On the bright side, a little pampering can help you get beautiful and nourished lips. Follow our lip care guide to undercover some beneficial lip care tips and DIY remedies for kissable lips.

 Use A Good Lip Balm Religiously

As a guy, you may not be fond of applying lip balm. However, if you have chapped lips, using a hydrating lip balm becomes paramount. A good lip balm will help heal the cracks and offer subtle hydration. The best lip balm for men is the one that is free of ingredients that dry out the lips. This includes camphor, alcohol, and menthol, to name a few. The product you pick should have healing ointments instead, such as glycerin, butter, aloe vera, essential oils, etc. If you want a fruity lip balm like pump lip balm, make sure it has no artificial flavors or smell. Prefer a lip balm free of toxins and wear it during the day and also before going to bed. The best lip balm for men you choose should also have enough SPF to protect delicate lips from UV rays.

Exfoliation Is The Key

Exfoliating the lips is as important as exfoliating facial skin. This simple yet effective routine removes dead cells and exposes fresh skin beneath. Exfoliation also allows healing substances to penetrate the skin cells and nourish/heal them. We recommend scrubbing your lips with natural exfoliators such as sugar, powdered walnut shells, coffee granules, and so forth. If you have pigmented lips, use a mixture of sugar, coconut oil, and dried rose petals. You can also use raspberries, sugar, and almond oil. Don’t forget to apply a toxin-free plum lip balm after exfoliation.

Massage & Moisturize

While massaging lips promote blood circulation, moisturizing keeps the lips hydrated. Massaging and moisturizing your lips regularly will make them nourished, less pigmented, soft, and supple. For messaging, use almond oil or vitamin E oil and rub the oil in circular motions. These oils will also nourish and moisturize your lips. Alternatively, you can settle for the best lip balm for men and give your lips the desired hydration.

Treat Chapped Lips Right Away

If you have chapped lips, treat them as soon as possible. Make use of the best lip balm for men, plum lip balm, or any other of choice. Exfoliate regularly and drink enough water or hydration drinks. Do not lick dry lips as it will worsen the problem. When you have chapped lips, avoid peeling, rubbing, biting, or brushing them.

Ditch Foods/Drinks That Make Lips Dry

People with chapped lips should refrain from consuming foods and drinks that can aggravate their condition. This includes citrus fruits that can dry the lips. The same goes for acidic food, caffeinated drinks, and spicy and salty food. You should also ditch foods and drinks with synthetic flavorings, fragrances, and additives.

Prefer Natural Solutions To Treat Lips

Homemade solutions with natural and safe ingredients will pamper your lips rightly. Whether it’s making the best lip balm for men or DIY plum lip balm, use the following natural solutions for nourished and healthy lips:

  • DIY Lip Scrub: Use honey and white sugar to exfoliate your lips. For pigmented lips, use sugar, essential oil, and rose petals or beetroot.
  • DIY Lip Balm: Make the best lip balm for men with aloe gel, honey, beeswax, and lavender oil. Add a paste of rose petals to make the best lip balm for men with dark and pigmented lips. If you want plum lip balm, use virgin plum oil. Alternatively, use dried plum powder to get a natural plum lip balm.
  • DIY Lip Mask: Wear a lip mask once a week to heal your lips. Make a homemade lip mask by using sugar, yogurt, olive oil, and honey. Apply homemade plum lip balm or any other natural balm after washing the mask.
  • DIY Lip Oil: If you aren’t using plum lip balm to hydrate your lips, use lip oil. Use a mixture of oils to give your lips the desired nourishment. To make DIY lip oil, use equal amounts of almond oil, raspberry seed oil, vitamin E oil, and castor oil.

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