The Importance of a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection


A pre-purchase car inspection is undoubtedly a vital step in the process of buying a used car. You may not even have any idea about where that car came from or who has used it. When you purchase an auto technician vehicle, he will probably give you a thumbs-up and go ahead buying it. So, it is better to buy a used car from a reputed auto technician.

When you purchase a used car from a reputed car service centre, they will probably alert you about the car’s problems, if any. It is good to know the condition of the vehicle before you make a final decision. Accordingly, it will allow you to negotiate the price or even add a stipulation to the purchase agreement.

Car Inspection

Reasons to Consider Used Car Inspection

As far as inspecting a used car is concerned, you have many options to choose from today. You can even ask your friends to suggest you a good and reputed technician. Because a used car is sold and purchased between two unknown people, a car inspection is the most preferred option.

Here, we have shared some of the common reasons to have your car inspected well before you finally purchase it.

  1. You do not have to run around every time looking for good technicians to inspect a used car.
  2. You may not be sure about the qualification of the mechanic who will inspect it.
  3. You are left with no doubt about the neutrality of the mechanic inspecting the car.
  4. Car inspection has to be performed at any location of your choice.
  5. You are allowed to schedule the car’s inspection in advance, depending on your convenience and availability.
  6. There is no scope for last-minute negotiation of the payment.
  7. The detailed report will maintain transparency about the condition of the car.
  8. You will understand the expected expenses in advance, whether it is short or medium term.

Getting your pre-purchased car serviced through a professional technician can put you at an advantage. It is almost like a boon for the car resellers too. A used car inspection always ensures the safety and helps you to forestall maintenance in the future. It is definitely worth your while.

What Is Covered By The Inspection?

The auto technician starts by examining the car thoroughly in terms of both mechanical and aesthetic components. The following parts of a used car need to be checked:

  • Tires
  • Suspension
  • Frame
  • Lights
  • Glass
  • Radiator
  • Brakes
  • Belts
  • Hoses
  • Battery
  • Fluids
  • Condition of the car body

How To Get Your Pre-Purchased Car Examined?

Scheduling a used car inspection is not so difficult. If your car dealer allows you to borrow the car for getting it examined, then do it. Take the car and drive it to a reputed car service and car repair Dubai. In case they do not allow you to take the car, ask them if they would accompany you.

You can also look for mobile auto servicing centres. But they may not be thorough with the inspection. Even if the car is not new, still it requires a considerable investment. It would help if you did not let it go only to regret it later. So, it is always suggested that you get your car serviced or examined by a professional.

After you have had your car examined, it is up to you what you will do with the information. Your mechanic will give you better advice on such matters. If the car has no significant problems then, your mechanic will probably give you a thumbs-up. In case there are any car issues, you have a lot of options to choose from.

You can either decide not to purchase it, or you could have it repaired after purchasing it. It is absolutely up to you. But in that case, remember to negotiate the price of the car with the buyer. You may also ask them to either lower the cost or repair the issues.

Is Getting A Used Car Worth It?

Getting a used car inspected well before purchasing it is worth it. It is a smart move to make. Often when you overlook a pre-purchase car inspection, it can make you regret your decision. For instance, if the car comes up with specific issues after you have purchased it, it will only add to your expenses.

At such a time, you have no option but to get your car repaired. So, getting your pre-purchased car examined before you make a final decision of purchasing is always worth it. Ensure to get it done by someone who has a good knowledge of vehicles.

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