The Complete ABC Of An Essay Generated By A Machine With The Aid Of AI

A Machine

A Machine According to a Cornell University report conducted in the year 2018, Artificial Intelligence will be able to write high school essays by the year 2026, and by the year 2049, it will create a novel that will make it the best sellers list.

We do not even notice how artificial intelligence is embedded in our lives firmly. Even in numerous areas, its presence is invisible. However, soon, artificial intelligence will have the capacity to bring fundamental changes everywhere. Not only where the processes can be automated but also at places where creativity is required. Thus, eminent assignment help stalwarts around the world suggest that AI will be able to perform some of the crucial services done by real authors.

The technology used by AI to create the essays is known as the natural language generation, which is not only used in the business world, the medical field, finance, and everywhere else you can imagine. These essay writing machines can draft impeccable essays in the blink of an eye and makes handling any challenging topic of any discipline a lot easier.

However, before you get too excited about what the automated machine writing essays have to offer, it pays off to know a thing or two about them first. This blog post is for all those who are quite apprehensive of whether a machine can be trusted to write an essay. What more, you will be able to get the hang of the aspects that will happen when a machine can write an essay with the help of AI.

The Important Aspects That Take Place When A Machine Writes An Essay

  • Saves Precious Time

When a remarkable machine starts writing your essay papers with the aid of artificial intelligence, they make sure to complete your papers within the deadline. Unfortunately, if you lack adequate time, you are forced to rush them. The result at its best is mediocre grades and, at the worst, the rejection of paper altogether. Further, this leads to average-quality content. However, with essay machines at your aid, you can have your essays done just within a couple of seconds.

  1. Impeccable Content Quality

Quality is another outstanding thing that comes with using auto essay generating machines. Suppose you are striving to articulate your points remarkably on a topic, especially if you are an international student using English as your second language. In that case, automated essay writing services come in handy. The automated essay machines, especially the top-rated ones, are ideal when it comes to generating flawless and exemplary solutions. When a machine writes an essay for you with the help of natural language processing of AI, then you will never have to worry about getting access to poor content.

  • Perfect And Flawless Grammar

Originality and authenticity are guaranteed when you use certain online essay-generating machines to pen down your challenging papers. Most essay writing machines will rewrite, shuffle, and paraphrase sentences to make sure the content is unique. Therefore, they can pass even the strictest plagiarism tests remarkably. What more, the programs will incorporate a bibliography citing accurately any data that is used to generate the essay.

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  • Highly Informative Papers

Most essays we need to write are on topics or concepts that are studied in class. When you make use of essay writing machines to write your papers, the tool separates random information and combines them. Thus, you can always include remarkable and excellent information while delivering your papers. Apart from that, the essay generators also provide high-quality formats. Whether you need to include semicolons or exclamation machines can take care of the intricacies ranging from small to big with the aid of an essay-generating machine.

  • Easily Accessible From All Around The World

When you are using an essay writing machine, you never need to download the software as you can virtually use it by simply logging on to the website. Furthermore, this software can easily be used from every nook and corner of the world at any time. One also does not need to use any special measure or VPN to unblock the machine. Being a cloud-based service, you will face no issues accessing it remotely from any part of the world throughout the year.

  • You May Receive Plagiarized Content

The chance is high when you use an essay writing machine;  you may occasionally receive plagiarism papers. Plagiarism is a severe violation of academic principles. Since essay generators do not have a brain of their own and run with the help of computers, you may often receive papers that incorporate quotes or copied content directly from the web. To avoid such mishaps, it is also vital to run your essay through reliable plagiarism checkers before you hand in your papers for submission.

  • Content Failing To Meet Academic Standards

Although these high-end machines guarantee high-quality material, but they are always not successful in delivering such papers that will help you stand apart in the class. You may sometimes receive a paper filled with several grammar and orthography mistakes since a native speaker or writer did not craft this manually. It may also fail to meet your academic standard and guidelines. Therefore, you should always keep adequate time in hand for proofreading and revision before submitting your papers.

  • Rewrite The Entire Essay

Remember each essay generator is not designed by English native speakers. Unfortunately, as a result, students may often receive stylistically inconsistent essays with grammatical errors. Often, even the revisions do not help in making stellar papers, and you may require rewriting the entire essay.

By now, we hope you have the profound knowledge you require to make an informed decision. It’s completely up to you to determine whether using an essay writing machine is a wise choice. Before you use any machine, make sure to review the company carefully and be assured of the market reputation before auto generating an essay.

However, we do think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a significant degree only if you can approach the situation with the right intent. Here’s wishing luck!

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Linda Anderson is a career counselor at a reputed firm in the USA. She also offers quality assignment help services to students at Linda loves to visit interesting places and listen to old vinyl records whenever she isn’t working.


  1. Is it safe to use a machine to write an essay?

The short and simple answer is- yes. It is completely safe and legal to use a machine to write your essays for educational institutions. However, it also depends on the task you use it for. If you use the machine for certain simple tasks, it can be completely safe. But, we will not recommend using this AI tool for serious college assignments or papers as there remains a higher risk of plagiarism.

  • Does Turnitin check essays written by a machine?

Essaybot or the machine generating essays makes sure that the documents they produce are never recognized by the Turnitin. It takes one paragraph at a time, paraphrases it, and fits it into the document until it is finished. Further, it also generates a bibliography or citation page from its vast database of sources.

  • How do essay writing machines work? 

Essay writing machines work similarly to a search engine. It researches keywords and topics, pulling out relevant information from them to use in the essay. This is an optional step that you don’t need to follow for every essay generator. There exist certain essay machines that like to provide you with the feeling of actually writing the essay yourself.

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