The 10 Best Game Designers For Hire In 2021

Best Game Designers

When something has been offered to us in the past year, it is an opportunity to try absolute escape. What better helped us in this effort than one of the best game designers on our device? We all know that, without mentioning names, there is an explanation that far more of us are looking for fulfillment in the fantasy realm of video games than ever before. Designers realized our planet was huge, the gaming world was bigger. Something like an infinite universe of genres, formats, logo design, and styles, what separates the great from the mediocre is architecture, both structurally and aesthetically speaking. So, for those who are considering making a game, or for those who just love it, Freelance Bazar has assembled a list of favorite 10 game designers with some insider experience.

Beforehand what to care about when you hire a game designer—

As per Forbes, the video game market is set to be worth more than $200 billion by 2023. Who knew the Angry Bird could be so profitable…A further step to being the next Jaakko lisalo is to choose the right game designer who can make your vision a reality, particularly when this art form incorporates such a gigantic set of materials. Before you leap into hiring a designer, it is important to understand the main parameters:

Consider the type of game you like to pursue.

Before you get to the builder, it is important to truly understand what you expect from the project. Have been you trying to make an addictive smartphone game that allows you to sell ad space? So, is this a lifetime ambition to create a fantasy world like the Legend of Zelda? Because for every project, it is always a smart idea to build a simple framework from the start.

Create a rather straightforward brief.

The easiest way to get what you expect from any initiative is to make a concise brief. That means, all stakeholders always have a briefing sheet to turn to when you are unaware of the next steps and need to inform them of the goals of the project. Setting up a mood board with design ideas, logo design, and style is also a smart and super fun way to show what you are expecting. If you have nailed the brief, go a step forward and build a timetable for daily updates so that you both keep on board.

Think of the target demographic.

The trick to success in creating something for the customer is to truly consider who your target audience is. If you have determined which group you want to talk to, it is a good idea to look at what games they are playing and what social patterns they have. All this knowledge paints an image of your target audience, and you should keep that in mind when planning your game.

Know the detailed history of the designer.

The only way to get a better picture of the artist who is willing to fulfill your vision is to do a deeper analysis of their portfolio. When you are not sure how you want the game to appear, browsing at someone’s portfolio is also a perfect way to get motivated. If you have selected your artist, you can refer to their portfolio by selecting the elements of previous projects that you want.

The 10 best game creators to select in 2021.

1. Hyperlink InfoSystem 

It is a leading game software development company specialized in the design, production, and development of world-class 2D and 3D games. The organization adheres to the highest expectations in online and smartphone app creation and delivers leading market services in exemplary connectivity, absolute visibility, openness, and timely delivery.

2. Fgfactory

It offers services to advertisers, developers, and other companies in the gaming and entertainment industries. Ever since its foundation, the company has launched more than 300 ventures in the fields of 2D, 3D, vector graphics, simulation, GUI, and cross-platform game creation.

3. Orangesoft

It builds fantastic smartphone and web applications leveraging state-of-the-art technology focusing on designing smart and practical devices. The business produces outstanding smartphone and web applications using the new technology to produce elegant and usable devices.

4. Chaos Theory

This is an award-winning Australian game production company that develops virtual reality, increased reality, and smartphone applications for brands. The organization is comfortable operating within a bigger team or as an autonomous, on-site, or remote agency.

5. Raccopack Media crafts

Its applications based on gaming concepts use fun and interactivity to fuel interaction. The firm specializes in smartphone and online applications. When it comes to gaming, they are fine with any kind of game like casual, studying, tactics, puzzles, and more.

6. Scand

This is a software development company based in Minsk, Belarus, Eastern Europe. Scand offers full-cycle product development services from market research and configuration to QA monitoring, implementation, servicing, and assistance without the use of external tools.

7. Five

They have mastered the way we think of digital goods since they began in 2007. The business develops a strategic approach as it focuses on our growth management policy, and everything boils down to app sales, and continuously optimizes loyalty and retention.

8. ZGames

This is a software production company that entered the playground of computer games back in 2008. With the strengths of more than 40 gaming experts, they are ready to support other companies in the gaming, academic, corporate, and advertising fields and create Unity-powered games from start for them.

9. RaidenD

Known for Logo design and mascot and character designs. So, you should enlist it.

10. Tomillo

Graphic designer since 2003 provides excellent work.

How did we elect these to be the best talent designers?

It all very well to have a vision of making your own game, but it is hard to make this idea come true without the skills of a seasoned game designer. It is why we looked at the following conditions to select the best game designers for this list:

1. Quality of design

Freelance Bazar goes through their portfolio and finds the strategic thinking, technical implementation, logo design, and understanding of design concepts to be visible in their work.

2. Game Development Experience 

That becoming a game designer is not necessarily a job you fell into only because of your childhood love of The Sims. There are real master’s degrees and even PhDs in game development to learn how to build and code. In addition to looking at overall consistency, we carefully reviewed each developer on this list to ensure that they have experience with and specialized in game development.

3. Work ethic 

For necessity, you want someone with design experience, but you also want a game designer who works with you in the process, performs on schedule, and is just good at working with you. And we have considered previous user feedback to ensure that all our suggested game designers are service and production experts.

Do seem to employ an awesome independent game designer?

There are so many talented game designers out there, all giving their special insight into the field of game design. Attempting to find out what kind of game design, who your target demographic is, and what you expect out of the project, all hold the secret to unraveling who is the right game designer for the job. If these 10 designers do not touch the nail right on the head of your project, look for an ideal fit.

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