Take Control Of The Online Grocery Market with an App like Instacart


In this world of instant gratification, there is one thing common in the North American market. Millions of shoppers order groceries from the Instacart platform. It has become a permanent part of the lives of customers in Canada and the USA. Instacart launched in June 2012 and is now giving tough competition to big players like Amazon Fresh, DoorDash, FreshDirect, Shipt, and Walmart. It raised $265 million in funds in March 2021. This helped Instacart’s valuation to cross a whopping $39 billion. 

How will 30-minute grocery deliveries benefit Instacart immensely?

Instacart keeps customers happy with new measures. Though it already offers 45-minute and 60-minute deliveries, 30-minute grocery deliveries is another feature available across 15 cities in the USA.  

Shoppers can order daily-use items from the Instacart platform by pressing the lightning bolt option. The delivery personnel quickly hands over their order by sourcing it from a nearby fulfilment centre. 

This will help Instacart to achieve greater economies of scale as the 30-minute deliveries are not available for large grocery orders. The good thing is that the American platform will launch the 30-minute delivery option to more metropolitan cities soon. 

Customers also benefit from the priority delivery facilities as they can select goods from their preferred convenience shops and speciality stores. Shoppers get access to real-time information about the fastest delivery windows. 

Entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the online retail industry can hire a well-known app development company for ready-made Instacart clone app development

The customized Instacart clone app solution includes Android and iOS apps for customers, delivery personnel, and retailers. Shoppers can also place their grocery orders through an ultra-modern web panel. An advanced admin dashboard keeps a real-time watch over the day-to-day business operations. 

Tips that entrepreneurs can suggest customers while using an app like Instacart are

  • Always keep the Instacart app open – The Instacart clone app employs both full-time and part-time delivery executives to ensure timely order fulfilment. Shoppers can know the items being loaded by the delivery personnel to their order on an app like Instacart. Users can share instructions and suggestions for alternatives if a particular product is out of stock. 

Hence, this ensures that the correct goods are always delivered to the customers. Shoppers experience a high level of satisfaction as there are no issues related to refunds and replacements. 

  • Use the notes taking option – Customers can share their interests and preferences for certain beverages, fruits, and vegetables by writing notes on the Instacart clone app. Later, they can share these personal notes directly with the delivery executives. This assures a higher level of operational efficiency as there is no possibility of delayed orders. 
  • Do not give poor ratings for flimsy reasons – An app like Instacart allows shoppers to rate and review their delivery experience and the professionalism of the executives. 

However, there may be rare delays sometimes due to adverse weather conditions and heavy traffic. Thus, angry customers may give a poor rating to the grocery delivery personnel. 

This ultimately affects the Instacart delivery executive’s earnings. Hence, they will get less commission and tips. The delivery personnel who have a higher average rating will be able to fulfil more priority grocery orders than those with a slightly lower rating. 

  • Try to give tips for every order – Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, shoppers are playing safe by ordering bulk groceries on the Instacart clone app for 1 or 2 months. Since the delivery executives are contract workers and travel long distances daily, it is ideal that customers give some tips after the groceries are delivered. 

Users of an app like Instacart have full freedom to decide the tips. However, sometimes delivery personnel may not accept their order request if the shoppers do not provide any tips. 

What are the eye-catching aspects of the Instacart Clone App?

  • Social Media login option – New shoppers can quickly register on the Instacart clone app by syncing their Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. This leads to higher conversion rates for entrepreneurs.
  • CCPA Compliant – An app like Instacart follows all the rules of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), 2018. Hence, customers experience a high level of confidentiality, data protection and security. 
  • Curbside Pickup facility – Shoppers who do not want home delivery of groceries can instead opt for the Curbside Pickup option. It is available near selected retail stores and customers can directly pick up their grocery order after it is kept ready by the delivery executives. 
  • Flexible cancellation of orders – Shoppers can cancel their grocery orders for free any time before the delivery executive has started processing them. Customers have to pay a certain fee if they cancel their orders at the last minute during the pick-up and delivery stage. 
  • Out-of-stock replacement options – Products may not be available every time as it depends on the level of market demand and supply. Shoppers can inform the grocery delivery personnel by choosing 3 options. Customers can select “Don’t Replace”, “Find Best Match”, and “Pick Specific Replacement” as per their needs. 
  • New Retailers Section – Users can access a detailed list of A-Z retailers offering same-day grocery delivery and pickup. They can choose a particular seller and process their orders on the Instacart clone app in no time. 
  • Shop by Location mechanism – An app like Instacart ensures the fastest delivery of groceries when shoppers select retailers located close to their residence. Customers can choose any city in their respective state.
  • Instacart Care – Shoppers can resolve issues related to damaged goods, delays in order processing, incorrect deliveries, and missing products by contacting the dedicated Instacart Care team. The inbuilt Help Centre functions 24×7 through chat, email, and phone. 

Wrapping Up

Many traditional retailers have increased their sales by listing their products on the Instacart online platform. The American online grocery player has become a gigantic aggregator now adding thousands of new customers and sellers regularly. 

Instacart has succeeded in offering efficient last-mile deliveries to customers by using cutting-edge technology. It has made smart decisions with quick scalability, route density, and route optimization. The famous e-grocery platform has also invested heavily in technology for setting up Dark Stores, Micro-Fulfillment Centres, and Robots for on-demand delivery. 

Hence, witness scintillating success by obtaining the top-notch Instacart clone app from a reputed app development company. Entrepreneurs can maximize their cash flow, market share, revenue, and profits in no time. 

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