Spotify vs Apple Music: Where Should You Subscribe? Features, News, And price

Spotify vs Apple Music:
Spotify vs Apple Music The comparison of the two most used music streaming services in the world. Where is it worthwhile to subscribe? Features, price and news.

Spotify vs Apple Music the famous music service that offers on-demand streaming of many songs belonging to both independent labels and record companies such as EMI, Warner, and Sony. Spotify is not the only company to offer a similar service, as there are also others on the market such as Rdio and Rhapsody, but it is the one with the largest number of subscribers.

So Spotify is the most famous and the most used in the world, but in recent months a new music streaming service has been launched that could counter its leadership. This is Apple Music, the service developed by the famous Cupertino company which had already reached 10 million subscribers a month after its launch.

If before the arrival of Apple Music a user had no doubts about signing up for a subscription with Spotify, now things could be different. In fact, the two services are very similar and for some features, it is more convenient to subscribe to Apple Music, while for others it is better to subscribe with Spotify Premium Free.

Let’s find out together in what aspects Apple Music differs from Spotify so as to understand which of the two services it is worth subscribing to.

Spotify vs Apple Music: price and compatible devices

Both services are also available for free, but with limited functionality. If you want to use all the features of Spotify and Apple Music, such as listening to music offline, you will need to take out a monthly subscription.

The cost to subscribe to the two services is the same and is € 9.99 per month. Apple Music is free to try for a period of three months, while Spotify’s free trial lasts only 30 days.

Apple Music has also thought of a subscription for families: with a cost of € 14.99, you can register up to six users. In Spotify Premium, on the other hand, for each additional user, you have to add € 5 to the cost of the monthly subscription.

Spotify is available for Windows, Android, iMac, iOS, and Windows Phone, while Apple Music is available for iMac, Apple TV, Windows. In addition, a version of Apple Music will also be released in a few days available for Android devices.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Music Catalog

There are about 30 million songs in Spotify and Apple Music, but the Cupertino company said that this number is set to rise in a short time. In fact, Apple has allowed emerging and unsigned artists to release their music, so within a few months, there could be more original tracks on Apple Music than Spotify.

Both services allow you to add the tracks contained in your computer to your playlists, but while in Spotify this function is manual, in Apple Music all the songs that you have downloaded from iTunes over the years are added automatically.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Sound Quality

Apple Music uses a bitrate for songs of 256 kbps, while Spotify of 320 kbps. So it would seem that the quality of the songs contained in Apple Music is lower than that of Spotify.

In reality, this is not the case, as it must be considered that the two services use two different audio codecs. In detail, Apple uses an AAC codec, while Spotify and Ogg Vorbis. At the same bitrate, the compression format used by Apple Music guarantees better sound, so there are no substantial differences between the quality of the songs of the two music streaming services.

Spotify vs Apple Music: radio stations

Apple Music has live radio stations, where you can listen to songs, exclusive interviews, and news about music. In addition, there are many radio stations that specialize in certain musical genres, although in the last period they have been characterized by some technical problems such as the interruption of the application and the inability to load the audio.

Spotify, on the other hand, does not have a radio that broadcasts live but allows you to create customized stations based on your favorite artists, genres, and albums.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Social area

There is a “ Connect ” section in Apple Music where artists can share photos, videos, lyrics, and demo tracks with their fans. The user will be continuously informed of the news regarding their favorite singer, even if at the moment only the most famous artists use the “Connect” service.

This feature is not available in Spotify, which instead allows you to constantly exchange music with your friends using the platform directly. In addition, in Spotify there is a chat window where you can discuss with your contacts, exchanging opinions on songs and new albums of your favorite artists.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Music Tips

Both services are able to recommend the songs to listen to based on your musical preferences, but they use two different approaches.

The recommendations section of Apple Music is constantly evolving, but often the recommendations are exclusively for famous songs. In Spotify, however, the recommendations are less frequent but more interesting, as many times they are emerging artists and little-known songs.

Spotify vs Apple Music: where should you subscribe?

Apple Music and Spotify are two very similar services and therefore it is impossible to say which of the two is better. The subscription price is the same, so the choice between Spotify and Apple Music is very subjective and depends on your personal preferences.

In fact, each of the two services has points in favor and some against: for example, on Apple Music, there are radios that broadcast live, but there is no chat in which to discuss with your friends (present on Spotify). Or, while Spotify lets you discover new artists all the time, Apple Music keeps you up to date with news from your favorite artists.

The only advice we can give you is that, before signing up for a subscription with Apple Music or Spotify, you should try them for free so as to understand which of the two you prefer.

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