Smart Tricks to Download Email from Outlook as PDF on Mac – Instant Solution


Lawyers, Businessmen, Employees, and Students might at some point save Outlook Email as PDF on Mac as per their requirement. They want to keep their records, data, or evidence in standard file format i.e., PDF. There might be multiple reasons why users want to convert OLM files to PDF. One of the most demanded queries include people want to share Outlook Email as PDF to other user or they want to take the printout of the document in the PDF format or want to keep Outlook Email as a backup in the form of PDF physically for easy migration. 

PDF is a standard file format for users to convert their documents to it as it is platform-independent and could be easily accessed even being offline and on every device. Some ample people are searching for different methods to convert Outlook Emails to PDF but haven’t found any great or right method. So, the most reliable and trusted solutions for you to convert Outlook OLM files to PDF are right on your way. PDF is the safest of all file formats so you can blindly go for it. 

We have this article for you which suggests the trusted methods to Save Outlook Email as PDF on Mac. Directly Convert OLM files to PDF on Mac, you have to take precautions before you lose every important email. Follow the article below and know the right technique. 

Manual Guide to Save Outlook Email as PDF on Mac

There are many ways to download Outlook email as PDF mac, but by following the Manual Method there are high chances of risking your information. Also, the procedure might be difficult for non-technical users to follow correctly. 

To follow the steps of the Manual Procedure read below: –

  1. Start by opening the Outlook Email application on your Mac System. 
  2. Then further choose the email which you wish to convert to PDF. 
  3. Then right-click on the email and then choose the Print option
  4. Then click on the PDF option and then select the Save as PDF option. Then it will save your emails in PDF format. 
  5. Then choose your required destination path to save Outlook Emails as PDF. 
  6. Finally, you can go to your desired location to check your Outlook Emails. 

Obstacles in the Manual Method 

To every possible solution there are loopholes, here is the list of the loopholes to the Manual Method: –

  • Through this method, you can select only a few emails to save them in PDF file format. 
  • The Manual Method might cause damage to your Outlook Emails or your data could be corrupted. 
  • The method might not be able to give 100% accurate results. 
  • The procedure is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. 
  • The non-technical users might face difficulty while following the procedure. 

Save Outlook Email as PDF on Mac – Automated Guide 

To overcome the loopholes of the Manual Method we have the Ultimate Guide for you. OLM Converter for Mac this utility converts OLM files to PDF format easily and effortlessly. While you can also import the OLM files to different email clients like Yahoo, Office 365, Gmail, etc. using the tool. The tool offers an excellent user interface that enables users to operate on it easily without any glitches and errors. 

The software converts OLM files into PDF file format in bulk quantity or you can selectively save outlook emails as PDF using the Filter Options. The wizard preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy and converts your data with 100% accuracy. The wizard is a standalone application and doesn’t need any application to install with. While the tool offers exotic and advanced features to download Outlook email as PDF Mac. The tool also offers you the flexibility to choose the destination path and filter options. 

Guide to Save Outlook Emails as PDF on Mac

Follow the steps to convert OLM files to PDF on Mac: –

  • Now add the OLM files you wish to convert to PDF using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) options. Now select the PDF file format from the Select Saving Option as you want. 
  • Now then choose the destination path as per your requirement to save your Outlook Email as a PDF. 
Save Outlook Emails as PDF on Mac
  • Then save your file using the File Naming options in the utility.
  • Then finally click the Export button to start the procedure. 

Advanced Features of the Utility

Here we list down several advantages of using the Tool: –

  • The tool offers you the bulk option to save Outlook Emails as PDF or you can go for the selective option using the Filter options. 
  • The tool offers you a coherent GUI with great functionality. 
  • The tool converts OLM files as PDF on Mac with intact attachments. 
  • The tool is compatible with all the latest versions of Mac OS like 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, etc. 


We are sure that you have landed with the right solution to Save Outlook Email as PDF on Mac. Here in this article, we have given 2-Possible ways to Convert OLM files to PDF. The blog gives you the benefits of converting the files to PDF format. The First is the Manual Method which comes with various loopholes so to avoid these we have the automated Solution. OLM Converter saves and converts your file to PDF effortlessly and easily. For more related solutions read more on

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