Shine Bright Like A Diamond: 11 Diamond Colors And Their Meanings


Diamonds came from the Greek word “Adamas” meaning unconquerable or invisible. They are naturally clear, but the effects of other elements such as boron, hydrogen, and nitrogen cause them to come out in different colors. 

When buying jewelry with diamonds, whether it’s for you or someone else, try to consider if the meanings fit with the personality of the owner. If you want to know what signifies diamond colors, check this list!

1. White

White diamonds are also called colorless. They are rarer than diamonds with colors (also known as fancy diamonds), and the most popular kind. It represents cleanliness, purity, and holiness. 

In identifying the rareness of the diamond, the color is being graded from D-Z. The less color a diamond has the higher its grade is, which means that D is the most colorless while Z has hints of yellow. 

2. Gray

Gray diamonds can be found in South Africa, Brazil, Australia, and Russia. However, you can also find other diamond colors near them. 

Buy jewelry with gray diamonds if you’re considering giving it to someone sophisticated, cool, and classy. The receiver won’t have to worry about wearing it everyday because gray matches all colors. Moreover, gray diamonds are also used as engagement rings as a sign of commitment and love.

3. Yellow

Yellow diamonds are also known as canary diamonds or gold diamonds. They are popular because they have different shades that suit all kinds of jewelry. They symbolize friendship, hope, humility, and happiness. Moreover, since yellow is a bright color, having yellow diamonds in jewelry stimulates cheerfulness and optimism.

Nitrogen compound is the reason why diamonds become yellow. It is rarer than brown diamonds, and 

4. Brown

The same as the yellow diamonds, brown diamonds also formed with the presence of nitrogen. Since brown is the color of Earth’s underground, it’s believed that brown diamonds represent balance, clarity, and inner peace. 

Brown diamonds also have a lot of shades, and champagne diamonds are the most popular. 

5. Blue

Remember the popular jewelry in the movie Titanic (1997) called the Heart of the Ocean? Although the jewelry used in the movie was not real, it was based on a real diamond called Hope Diamond that has around 46 carats and costs 350 million dollars.

Blue diamonds are also rare but not as rare as argyle pink diamonds. The blue is caused by the compound boron. They are believed to signify power and royalty, and also of truth, peace, devotion, and chastity.  

6. Green

The most interesting thing about green diamonds is that they were exposed to radioactive materials that’s why they turned green. They also have different shades from yellow-green to olive green.

Green diamonds characterize abundance, nature, prosperity, and strength.

diamond rings

7. Black

Having black diamonds in an engagement ring depends on where you are in the world. For some, it’s for good fortune while others think that it’s a bad omen. Although black diamonds don’t sparkle as much as the others, it’s said to signify creativity, energy, passion, power, and purity.

8. Pink

Pink diamonds, like red diamonds, are the most popular and rarest among all colored diamonds. They represent creativity, joy, romance, and beauty. 

Compared to other fancy diamonds, pink is caused by pressure and heat which distorts the light reflected by the diamond and creates the color pink.

In addition, argyle pink diamonds have an intense pink saturation compared to other shades you can find. Aside from being the intense pink, argyle also is the rarest and has the greatest value. 

9. Orange

Orange diamonds are also formed with the presence of the compound boron. However, it’s rare to find pure orange diamonds because some contain lighter or darker patches of orange. 

Orange diamonds symbolize energy, enthusiasm, and courage.

10. Purple

Purple diamonds are formed from absorbing boron but mostly because of hydrogen. Their rareness is next to red diamonds. Although it’s hard to find, Australia’s biggest mine is said to have a vast supply of purple diamonds along with Northern Asia. 

11. Red

Red diamonds are the rarest of the fancy colored ones. The naturally produced red diamonds are only 30 as of today. However, laboratories can also produce red diamonds just like the other colors. They represent courage just like other red things. 

Now that you know what the different diamond colors and their meanings are, it’s time to choose the jewelry to buy! Let us know which color best suits you by commenting below.

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