Save EML Files To MSG Format on Apple Computer

Convert EML to MSG on Mac

Users can find tons of methods available on the internet to Convert EML to MSG on Mac. But what if the user wants a secure and reliable method to completely trust. Here, comes a direct solution from our side to the users to help them to Convert EML to MSG on Mac. There are bulk of Manual Methods available on the internet that Convert EML files to MSG for free, but this method can put the user’s data at risk. Also, the Manual Method is not a 100% reliable one, the users may have followed the exact steps mentioned but can end up failing to complete the procedure. 

Thus, here we advise our users to not go for the Manual Method as it can prove to be a huge loss of the user’s data. Therefore, a third-party tool would always come first to the users. The users will not only get accurate results at the end but also will get 100% safety and security to the users.

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Overview of EML & MSG

EML and MSG file formats are more or less similar in their compositions, except in terms of compatibility. EML is a file format supported by various email clients like, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Outlook. It consists of and stores the user’s data like email messages with the subject, sender, recipient, and the date of the email message. The attachments are also included in the EML file; thus, the users have tons of information in the EML file. 

On the other hand, the MSG file format is only supported by the Outlook application. The users who want to shift to Outlook only will convert their former EML files to MSG. As MSG file format is supported by Outlook, MSG file contains tons of elements in comparison to EML. It contains email messages with attachments, contacts, meeting details, tasks, appointments, etc. 

Therefore, the conversion would be from EML to Outlook MSG on Mac. 

Best Software to Convert EML to MSG on Mac 

To give the users with the best and reliable solution, we have come up with the most trusted technique. The Software EML Converter Mac, this tool will not only deliver accurate results within a minute only but also provides a 100% guarantee of safety and security to the user’s data during and after the procedure. therefore, the users can go for it completely. 

Here are some of the general benefits of using the tool: –

The toolkit offers the users an overwhelming interface that lets the users interact with the software in a friendly manner. The coherent GUI allows the users to operate the software smoothly and effectively without any glitches and errors. The user can learn the basic steps to Convert EML to MSG, avoiding any of the complexities of the tool. 

The software responds to the user’s command immediately, there is no chance of delaying the results. The application can handle large and oversized EML files without any error. It delivers accurate results to the user within a minute only. Thus, the tool is effective and smooth in its functioning and responds to the user’s command effectively. 

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The Distinctive features of the Application     

Now here comes, some of the unique and major advantages of using the tool: –

  • The toolkit comes with a dual-option to upload the EML files in the software, the user can either go for bulk conversion or they can directly opt for selective conversion by clicking on the Filter option. 
  • The application offers flexible ways to even choose destination location and file naming convention of the resultant MSG file. 
  • The wizard preserves and maintains the MSG file’s hierarchy during and after the procedure like subject line, text formatting, and other related Meta components. 
  • The software comes with a user-friendly interface with a coherent GUI.

Learn How to Use the Tool to Convert EML to MSG

Here I will simplify the steps to operate the tool so that any user can follow the steps.

  • Start the application after downloading to any latest Mac editions.
  • Start adding EML files to the software using the ADD button. 
  • Press the Next button to move further, then select the required files or folders. 
  • Again, press Next. Now select the MSG file format from the drop-down menu in Select Saving Options. 
  • Also, set up the destination location and the naming pattern.  
  • Hit the Start Export button in the tool to begin the conversion of EML to MSG format. 

Final Verdict 

The article gives the users the right and perfect solution to Convert EML to MSG on Mac. The tool not only delivers accurate results to the users but also provides safety and security to the user’s data. The application comes with a user-friendly interface, preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy, and offers dual-option to upload the EML files in the software. The tool converts 25 EML files to MSG for free in its trial version. 

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