Sahil Mirchandani Brings Out Top Comedic Talent in ‘Kids in the Hall’ Photoshoot 

Sahil Mirchandani

As an industry leading producer in his home country of Canada, Sahil Mirchandani has an approach to his craft that is equal parts creative and pragmatic. When asked, he details that his job involves a deep understanding of the human condition and how to effectively communicate with his collaborators. Mirchandani aims to set a high standard for success and inspire his team by leading them in a kind, encouraging, and energetic manner. When it comes to the logistics of this approach, he takes on every project holistically, looking at the macro scale of what he and his team are doing creatively, ensuring it aligns with client expectations, and then assembling the logistics to execute on the project at hand.

“I like to live in the world that marries creative to logistics and ensures that my creative is succeeding while still within the scoped-out logistics of a project. Simply put, I don’t want to go over budget or delay the schedule, so I’m ensuring we operate within our boundaries while also delivering the best possible creative. I always aim to exceed the production value,” says Mirchandani.

This thoughtful style of producing is evident in every project that Mirchandani takes on and can be seen in hit music videos such as Tyler Shaw’s “When You’re Home”, commercials for major brands such as Adidas and Nike, and award-winning films including Equinox, which was accepted into dozens of festivals worldwide, including two Oscar-qualifying festivals: Hollyshorts and Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival. No matter the medium, Mirchandani knows how to put together a seamless production that captures the essence of the story being told, even when putting together gallery shoots for popular television shows, such as Amazon Prime Video’s new revival of the comedy sketch series Kids in the Hall.

Last year, Mirchandani produced a key art photoshoot for the remake of the Emmy-award winning show, Kids in the Hall, executive produced by Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels, co-starring Netflix Superstore’s Mark McKinney. Mirchandani was approached by the production company The Young Astronauts and Amazon Prime Video’s brand and marketing team to join this project, due to his previous successful collaborations with them earlier that year. When he was given the brief, Mirchandani knew he could make the shoot another success, and wanted to work with the hilarious comedic talent featured.

“This is a space that I am very passionate about and to work with talent of this caliber is such a great opportunity for me as a producer. I quite enjoyed the creative for this project as well, and the creative agency pitched some really interesting ideas of how we’d bring this key art to life,” he says.

Mirchandani describes working on this shoot as “fantastic.” He had many key tasks to bring it to life, as he was responsible for the successful execution of a gallery shoot of the approved creative. With this project, it was essential for everything behind the camera to be seamless because he and his team were dealing with celebrity talent. Therefore, Mirchandani had to ensure all prep elements were planned out and locked in well in advance of the shoot date. His work involved planning the logistics and bringing the practical elements together. He was heavily liaising between the show crew and the gallery team to create a seamless transition between the show’s shooting wrap and the gallery shoot. His leadership greatly impressed his team and client.

“The great thing about working with Sahil is that he’s a great leader and very grounded. He has the capacity to understand the bigger picture on highly complex projects yet will take the time to personally check in on every single one of his team members to ensure their success. He understands he is only as strong as his weakest link. His outgoing personality and positive attitude make him a joy to work with in the office and on set,” says Producer Kristina Wong, who worked alongside Mirchandani on the shoot.

The key art for Kids in the Hall is featured on billboards across the famed Yonge & Dundas square in Toronto, on Amazon Prime Video’s website and mobile app, and virtually on all social media platforms, and Mirchandani is proud to have been a pivotal part of such a successful project.

Photo by Andre Apperley

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