Planning An Event in Sydney 5 tips

Planning An Event

Organizing an event is a complex process that requires you to think about many aspects of event planning. It is even more difficult to do it in a huge city that offers a plethora of possibilities such as Sydney. There are a few aspects of event planning that you should consider before your event. If the event in question is huge or you simply don’t have time to deal with it, you can always hire professionals to help you out. There are different kinds of events you can plan – they can include birthday parties, corporate events, product launches, conferences, and many others. All these events have a few underlying things in common and each event should cover aspects such as the purpose of an event as well as the guests, the budget, the music and activities, promotion, and reminders. You also need to think about the date, venue, food, drinks, and decoration. If you have an event coming up soon in Sydney, make sure that you check out the steps to organize an event.

  1. Consider the purpose of your event & the guests

One of the first things we need to consider when it comes to organizing an event is the purpose. The purpose dictates all the other things that are intertwined with hosting an event. When you have an event in mind, the purpose is usually clear. For example, the purpose of a birthday party is a celebration, a product launching party is about promotion, a retirement party is about honoring a person and seeing them off to retirement. You get the idea.
Along with the purpose comes the guestlist. Again, depending on the event in question, you can more or less already know who is going to be on your guest list. This is especially true if the event you’re organizing is personal. It might be a tad more difficult if you’re planning a huge event. When we say difficult, we actually mean thought-engaging and time-consuming as you need more time to finalize the guest list. Make sure that you provide your guests with an RSVP option, so you would be aware of the number of people attending your event. It will mean a lot to you in terms of other aspects we’ll come to.

  • Set a budget

Another important factor you should take into consideration at the very beginning of event planning is your budget. The way you will proceed to other aspects of your event planning will be dictated by your budget. If you’re not sure about how to set a budget and what is actually an average budget for a certain type of event in your city, you can always consult pros such as event planners in Sydney and have them help you out in calculations and organization of your event. If you don’t have much experience in event organization and it’s important to you that the event is flawless, then you should perhaps consider letting the pros deal with it altogether. In that way, you can relax and enjoy your upcoming party without worries or fuss.

  • Choose a date, a suitable venue, food & drinks

Now that you have your purpose determined, your guest list finalized and your budget set, you are ready for the next step which is about choosing a date, a suitable venue as well as food and drinks. These are essential elements of any event basically. When setting a date, you should keep in mind that you should leave plenty of time for organization, regardless of the fact whether you’re organizing it yourself or if you’ve hired somebody to do it.
Depending on the season, you can opt for either indoor or outdoor venues (of course, having in mind the current Covid19 situation). However, if you opt for an outdoor venue, make sure to check the forecast and also have a backup option in case the weather conditions worsen. You should be prompt about checking the availability of venues you like. Also, remember to check how many people it can host.
When it comes to food and drinks, people usually hire caterers to prepare not only delicious food but also to serve it in some amusing and extraordinary ways. It’s art nowadays. There are so many options when it comes to food and the caterers usually present you their portfolio so you can choose the food you find delicious. Don’t forget to consider vegan and vegetarian guests, if you have them, and make sure to order something for them too. Depending on the event, you can also have a dessert or make your own Sunday bar.
And for drinks, it’s popular to have a bar and perhaps even an experienced bartender to mix some fruity and exotic cocktails.
Moreover, think about how to decorate the venue appropriately for your event.

  • Think about the music & activities

We have come to the atmosphere part of our event. In order to ensure a lively atmosphere, you should consider the music. You can hire a live band or a DJ, depending on your event and the kind of music you wish to have.
As far as the activities are concerned, every event should have some to make it more fun and memorable, along with the music. For instance, you can hire a photo booth or a professional photographer. You can also organize some small friendly competitions.

  • Promote & send reminders

If your event is an open type of event and you want to attract as many people as possible, you should seriously consider advertising it. You need a good marketing strategy in this case. This is usually the case when it comes to some product launching or promotion events. Make sure that you cover both traditional and new, digital ways of advertising. What you can also do to ensure that people don’t forget about your event is send some type of reminder.

Even though organizing an event is a fun thing to do, it can turn into a real nightmare if you don’t have much experience in it as well as if you don’t have time to do it properly. In that case, it’s best to let somebody who knows what they’re doing do the job. In that way, everybody is bound to be satisfied, including you, the host, and the guests.

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