Photographer Peter Tamlin brings creative artistry to renowned Magrabi campaign

Peter Tamlin - Magrabi

Peter Tamlin was always a creative child. Growing up in the small town of Stouffville in Ontario, Canada, he was very interested by the arts, and knew that one day he wanted to forge a path 

in some kind of visual art form. When he began taking photos, he knew he had found his niche, creating colorful, vibrant, captivating, intense, dark, aggressive, original, stoic, and romantic images for the world to take in and enjoy.

Now an internationally in demand photographer, Tamlin has had a career many can only dream of. Highlights include working as the in-house photographer for one of the world’s most recognizable beauty brands, MAC Cosmetics, campaigns for Equinox, Revlon, Rolling Stone, Villyn Underwear and Aveda, and shoots for the VZN Awards for BULLY magazine featuring model Mekhi Lucky, which garnered a great amount of attention and adoration for the photographer.

A recent success for Tamlin was his work on a major campaign for Magrabi, the prominent international eyewear brand. In January 2022, Tamlin shot one of Magrabi’s most successful ever advertising campaigns, featuring famed models and social media personalities such as Elyanna and Fai Khadra.

“Magrabi is an internationally known eyewear brand with a global reach. I wanted to be a part of that and have my photos viewed around the world. They are also a very fashion forward brand and encouraged me to be as creative as possible, which made coming on board more attractive. I also was very excited to shoot Fai Khadra because of his high-profile social media presence,” says Tamlin.

Tamlin worked closely with Plastik Studios, a multimedia production company that engages in everything from advertising to filmmaking to fashion editorial to graphic design to print. He had previously worked with them several times and had great success, and was eager to once again team up on this ambitious project. 

“They have always been supportive and encouraging regarding applying my aesthetic to each project. They never set limits or boundaries which is something that I greatly value as an artist and photographer. When they approached me about this project, I knew I would have the room to be creative and bring my vision to the table without limitation,” he describes.

Tamlin describes the shoot itself as exciting and very fast paced. He shot in many different and interesting locations throughout the shoot, which gave a wide variety of final photos, such as a very colorful abandoned motel and restaurant outside of Los Angeles. The shoot took place at all hours of the day, so Tamlin was able to experiment with the natural light to get the most out of every single shot, creating eye-catching art that also sold the product. His ability to approach each photo with such a creative point of view along with his ability to move quickly in a fast-paced environment was pivotal to the success of the project. 

“After collaborating with Plastik Studios numerous times, I knew that the level of production would be top tier, and I wasn’t let down. I always appreciate when I have the support of the team both creatively and from a production standpoint. I also enjoyed shooting at the location and working with so many talented and experienced crew,” says Tamlin.

Tamlin’s photographs were displayed on all of Magrabi’s social media pages, storefront displays, and print ad space, reaching an audience of millions all over the world. The campaign was extremely effective, with sales spiking in the weeks and months after the campaign’s rollout thanks to Tamlin’s creative eye and extraordinary work ethic. 

“I’m proud that I can be a part of the brand and help showcase their products globally.

Knowing that millions of people would be seeing my photos and that those photos would help sell the eyewear is very satisfying and leaves me feeling very confident in my skills,” he says.

Tamlin’s ability to capture a thoughtful and engaging image transcends genres, and he plans on expanding outside of fashion to even more realms in the future. With no plans on slowing down, fans can continue to expect excellence, and for those looking to follow in his footsteps, he offers some wise words.

“Be decisive. Develop a sense of what you like and don’t like very early on and always move forward with that intention in mind. Don’t listen to others and pay no attention to what other artists are doing because the more time you spend focusing on others work, the less time you spend focusing on your own,” he concludes.

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