No Helmet? It’s Possible That Your Bike Insurance Claim Will Be Denied

Bike Insurance Claim

Did you know that India is the largest two-wheeler market in the world not only in terms of sales but also in terms of manufacturing? Unfortunately, this also means that there is a higher chance of an increase in two-wheeler accidents. According to the 2019 Road Accident Report of the Ministry of Roads and Transport, 37% of all road accident deaths are caused by two-wheelers, which is much higher than 5-18% worldwide. Out of the total amount of road accident deaths, around 30% of people were not wearing helmets.

Therefore, wearing a helmet is the most effective way to reduce head injuries and related deaths. They also facilitate the bike insurance claim settlement process if you are in an accident. Here is a quick overview of why wearing helmets is important for riding a bike and having a bike insurance policy:

Why to wear a helmet while riding a bike?

Reduces skull deceleration 

At the time of impact, the skull experiences a sudden stop. This can cause extensive damage to it. However, with helmets, the soft padding on the inside absorbs shock and slows down the movement of the head. Moreover, it prevents the brain from impacting the inside of the skull with great force.

The shock spreads around the head

When you get into an accident, a certain part of your head hits the asphalt first. This part is known as the point of contact. Such a large amount of force at a single point can cause a fatal injury. The helmet helps to spread the shock of impact around the skull as opposed to the point of impact. It not only reduces the overall stress on the skull but also helps prevent potential fractures.

How does not wearing a helmet affect a motorcycle insurance claim?

Generally, you can make an insurance claim in the event of an accident and avail the benefits offered under the type of motorcycle insurance. A comprehensive insurance policy for bikes also covers own losses (damage to your bike) and legal liabilities, while third-party bike insurance only covers damage to third parties and their property. This cover provides financial assistance in the event of injury, disability, or death due to an accident.

However, insurance companies have the right to deny coverage to a rider who is not following the proper traffic rules and guidelines. One of those rules is wearing a helmet. Not wearing one is considered negligent conduct and even illegal. Hence, if you make a claim after a bike accident that happened when you were not wearing a helmet, your insurance provider can deny your claim. Losing your insurance benefits by not wearing a helmet makes a bad situation worse. * Standard T&C Apply

Wearing a helmet while riding is important for health and financial reasons. Every insurance policy related to the bike stipulates that you must wear a helmet while riding to enjoy its benefits. This is like how you must wear a seat belt while driving in the case of car insurance. You should ensure that such a situation does not happen as it might have additional effects. For example, if your claim gets rejected, you might have to deal with a higher bike insurance price when you renew your policy. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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