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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Evidence is significant in any case to prove your point. Here, the article talks about the pieces that Motorcycle accident attorneys can present as evidence.

Evidence and Motorcycle accident attorneys

Bike and car accident injuries are different. So do their cases and the proof you need in the circumstances.

Motorcycle accident claims are pretty tricky. It’s tough to prove fault and collect evidence while you’re striving to heal from serious injuries. 

You should first pay attention to heal your injuries. But If you want to get the compensation, you must collect some evidence for a motorcycle claim.

After a bike crash, there are many crucial areas where victims can gather proof to boost their claim. Many times, the effects of a collision are severe. Then, the victim can’t obtain some evidence that can be useful to a case promptly.

Your Motorcycle accident attorneys will thoroughly assess every type of proof that you can gather skillfully. It will help you make a better personal injury claim on your behalf.

Pieces that motorcycle accident attorneys can present as evidence 

  • The bike

The bike itself is a vital part of the proof. Motorcycle accident attorneys can utilize it.  It shows how the crash occurred, where the effect took place, and how much loss the bike incurred.

Make sure you keep the bike in a secure place so you can use it as proof later. If you have to fix it right away, ensure you take clear images. It will help you to show the actual damage caused.

Keep a copy of the repair bill to prove damages.

  • A helmet that you wore during a crash

When riding, bikers should always use safety gear to protect them from severe brain injury or road rash. 

In a personal injury claim, your motorcycle accident attorneys can use it to show that the victim was taking proper steps to avoid injury.

In Ohio laws, if the rider was not wearing a helmet, even if another driver is found to be at blame for a crash in which a rider suffers a severe brain injury, the insurer can still lower the payout.

This is true even in road rash. Thus, along with a helmet, bikers should always wear other protective clothing.  It includes jackets, pants, and boots.

  • Police report and Statements from witnesses

If you can talk with any witnesses to the crash, they can submit a statement of what they observed. Request their contact details, which you should give to your lawyer. 

Having the contact details of any witness will be extremely useful to your case if you can physically do so. Your lawyer will approach the witnesses and see if they are willing to give a statement.

Cops prepare a police report on the crash site. So, if you can’t obtain their details, cops should include them.

The police report is more crucial than eyewitness reports.

It can include:

  • Any tickets the cop imposed
  • Contact details for witnesses
  • Any suspects of fault.
  • Images and video

Capture as many photos as you can if you are physically able to. Take pictures of the damages, the sky (to record the weather), your injury, stains, and any other wreckage or road conditions.

Present the footage from your helmet cam, dashcam of other vehicles passing by during the crash. It will be beneficial in your case.

  • Medical Costs and Wage Effects

You must collect evidence to prove your losses along with collecting proof to prove fault.

Examples of proof include:

  • Medical bills
  • Medical records
  • Transportation Costs
  • Lost wages
  • Other related costs


Evidence is significant in any case to prove your point. Motorcycle accident attorneys will assess every type of evidence that you can gather. The bike itself is a vital part of the proof, as well as the helmet you wore during the crash and the repair bill. If you can talk to any witnesses, they can submit a statement of what they observed. The police report is more crucial than eyewitness reports.

Medical bills are also important to collect.

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