Medication vs. Therapy- What is The Best For Anxiety?

Medication vs. therapy

In today’s life, anxiety has become a common word. Usually, people go through stress in any situation while driving a car in traffic or dealing with a crisis. The stress occurring in such life situations is expected; however, prolonged stress that starts affecting your daily routine could be a sign of anxiety. 

There is no correct definition for anxiety. However, the American Psychological Association defines anxiety as an emotional characteristic expressed as nervousness, sweating, and trembling. It is important to discern between stress and anxiety because anxiety has become common in today’s life. Forty million adults are dealing with anxiety, as per the statistics of America’s anxiety and depression association. The critical question is; how do you know that you have anxiety?

Here is the list of symptoms- 

  • Sleeplessness
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal problems 
  • Neuroticism 
  • Breathing rapidly
  • Lack of concentration

Life throws challenges, and you could either fight or flight; the anxiety that triggers you in such situations is usual. You could experience anxiety for hours or days, but afterward, you can feel better. However, if your behavior or reaction to the situation is abnormal or if you can’t overcome the anxious phase for a long time, it is a sign that you need treatment.

Treatment doesn’t mean that you immediately visit a Counseling support service in Phoenix, AZYou can change your habits a bit or follow some tips to rejuvenate yourself. Here is the list that you can follow to live a better life. 

Physical Exercise 

An active person is less likely to experience anxiety; you can also try to adopt a habit of walking, running, stretching, or whatever you like. Mind and body make a connection that improves our ability to think and make decisions. 


Mindfulness is a great therapy to beat anxiety. In today’s life, people have ignored mindfulness altogether. The factors could be attributed to distractions like social media and fast-paced life. 


Most counselors suggest writing for relief. Writing is a form of meditation that people often practice daily. You can also start writing if you are feeling anxious these days. 

These suggestions work for mild anxiety issues, but there is a requirement for professional treatment when symptoms interrupt normal daily living activities. 

A professional treatment could be through medication, counseling, or both. In some cases, people rely on medication only, while some may prefer counseling only. Sometimes, a combination of both gives the best result. 

A health report from IQVIA suggests that 8.8 million people are taking more anti-anxiety prescriptions as of 2019. The statistics may indicate that more medication could be helpful in anxiety. However, a deep analysis will give you a clear picture. 

Medication vs. therapy

The situation of everybody’s life is different. Not everyone wants medication, but some people may want it because they may not feel comfortable talking to someone. 

There are many constructive ways to deal with trauma; however, a person may need professional intervention in many cases. 

Discover when medication works for anxiety

  • Prescribed medicine, if taken regularly, can have a positive impact on anxiety. 
  • Some medicine shows quick results and controls the symptoms if taken under the advice of experts.
  • When a life situation gets out of control, medication can be taken on a “as-needed” basis. 

The medicine increases the amount of serotonin (a chemical that helps brain cells for communication) that increases the pace of communication among your brain cells. Finally, a person could feel relief when the brain functions properly. 

Whether to go for medications or not may vary as per cases. Your health care provider may give you a medicine depending- 

  • Type of anxiety you have
  • Assessment of the impact of medications on your health
  • Your lifestyle and choices

Every case of anxiety is different and requires different treatment. For some people, therapy yields better results because they need personal attention. 

Discover when therapy works for anxiety

Some cases of anxiety don’t need medication because a person can recover by personal attention and care. 

  • There is no side effect of therapy unlike meds
  • Therapy has a long-lasting impact and gives a direction to live a beautiful life
  • Therapy is a long term investment, but medicine can be a more expensive option. 

Many therapists in Arizona counseling and treatment services recommend medication along with therapy sessions after assessing your lifestyle.

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