Learn About Top 5 Delicious & Juicy Fruits in India


Fruits are an all-time favourite food for anyone. They are the most healthy and tasty food, considering the gift of nature. These have many varieties and different tastes. There was not a single day when I did not eat any fruit, and this routine is still going on today.

They are a complete package of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibres, making them a medicine. Perhaps, fruits are the only medicine in the World which have great taste. Their consumption is not only important for health and body maintenance, but they also make skin radiant, young and glowing as they are full of antioxidants. 

Learn About Top 5 Delicious & Juicy Fruits in India

With time demand for these tasty fruits increases, and for this, quality cultivation requires. For the high growth of fruits in the Indian tractor market, many excellent tractors are loaded with the latest technologies. They have modern features making them advanced for farming operations. Additionally, the tractor price is beneficial and affordable for everyone, making them the most liked farming machine. 

Amazing Fruit Facts

As everyone eats fruit and everyone knows about them. But there are some fruit facts available which not everyone knows. So, today we come to this blog which consists of some significant and amazing facts about the fruit you probably didn’t know before. 

  • We studied about the fruit but did you know what is called the study of the fruit? It is called pomology.
  • Banana is not a fruit, rather it is a herb. It is the first fruit offered to babies as it is highly nutritious and easy to digest. 
  • Strawberry is the only fruit that has high amounts of seeds outside as it has 200 seeds. 
  • All the red-coloured fruit has all the quality to keep the heart-healthy. 
  • All orange -coloured fruit keeps your eyes healthy. 
  • All green-coloured fruit make bones and teeth strong
  • All yellow-coloured fruit increases memory power. 
  • Everyone loves eating mangoes. They are the most loved and no. 1 fruit in the World. 
  • Tomato is a fruit but considered a vegetable due to its nutrients. 
  • The 7000 various types of apples are grown all around the World.
  • Pineapples are berries. 
  • According to horticulturists, bananas were the first fruit on earth.

Top 5 Tasty Fruits in India

Following are the top 5 delicious fruit in India:- 

  1. Mango 

Mango is the most delicious and healthy fruit. On hearing this name, the mouth gets watery, and in my view, there will be someone who does not like mangoes. It is a summer fruit as it only comes in the summer season, and maybe that is why every Indian is crazy about it. This tasty is very well known as a king of fruits, and their quality and taste prove it. Mango is sweet and a high package of calories, nutrients, and vitamins that keep the body healthy in the torturous summer season. 

The summer fruit belongs to the Anacardiaceae family and is enriched with so many minerals, fibres, and vitamins. This fruit is too beneficial for health as it protects the eyes from harmful blue rays. It has a high content of antioxidants which protect against free radical damage. Maharashtra is a high mango producing state in India.  

  1. Banana 

Bananas are tasty and healthy fruits as they are a rich source of potassium, carbohydrate, starch and pectin. Bananas vary in colour, size and shape, belonging to the family Musaceae. This fruit has a special place in everyone’s house. Most doctors suggest eating at least two bananas a day. It has a good carb content and a good source of fuel before a workout. So, if you are planning to do exercise, then before a workout, you have to eat bananas. It also has starch content that may help to improve blood sugar levels, and pectin improves digestion.

  1. Orange 

Orange is the most famous and nutritious fruit in India. It is one of the largest consumed fruits, which offer a significant amount of vitamin C, vitamin B, and potassium. They are rich sources of citric acid that help in the absorption of iron and avoid anaemia. Oranges are genuinely an outstanding fruit. They are  cheap, very healthy, and delicious, making them the ideal snack. The tasty fruit belongs to the Rutaceae family. They eat especially in summers because of their high amount of water. This juicy fruit keeps us healthy for a long time. 

  1. Apple 

As we always hear that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and their healthy qualities prove it. Apple is one of the best sources of nutrients and antioxidants. It is the most consumed fruit in India, belonging to the rose family. The tasty fruit has good anti-cancer properties, and flavonoids protect the body against asthma, diabetes and promote mental health. 

  1. Grapes 

Grapes are juicy fruit that is highly consumed in the summers. They are available in various forms and colours. Red, purple, green, grape jelly, seedless grapes, grape juice, currents, grape jam, raisins, sultanas and wine forms are available in the market. Grapes belong to the berries family that grow or vine. They are famous all around India as apart from taste, they contain a high amount of nutrients and antioxidants. 

We hope you enjoyed reading these top 5 Delicious & Juicy Fruits in India. If you want to know more about such an interesting topic, please stay connected with us. 

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